He turned down 10 billion from Microsoft and chose Sony to blow up the Playstation gamer community. A Point for 1 billion users


chose Sony to blow up the Playstation gamer community

There’s a young nerdy entrepreneur who grew up attached to a video game console. He recently signed an agreement with Sony for his company to blow up the community of PlayStation users. His name is Jason Citron.


He has invented – with a partner – the video game chat platform Discord. He has now joined forces with Sony which already has 140 million players worldwide.


His next step, Citron explained, is to create an IPO to go public. In short, he is still developing great projects.


It is no coincidence that he says he is inspired by the legendary Elon Musk and his super companies, Space X and Tesla. Jason has reached such important and successful levels because he has followed one of the most obvious but least implemented secrets by people.


It is not that he had a stroke of luck and his Discord was appreciated by video game users. No, far from it. He had already built another company that was sold for a lot.


Later I will explain how Jason follows a sacred principle of life and work that has taken him so high. It is the foundation but we often forget it. Today I want to revive it.


Let’s start with his life and what he did before the deal with Sony



chose Sony to blow up the Playstation gamer community

Jason Citron was born in Los Angeles on September 21, 1984. His father worked in the film industry, while his mother was an actress.


From an early age he was fascinated by video games. He started playing on the Nintendo Entertainment System when he was six and has never stopped playing.


He has always had a computer at home but, not being very good at mathematics and other studies, he preferred to devote himself to programming video games.


At fourteen he started programming games for the Commodore 64 and then the Amiga 1000.


At eighteen he started his first job at Icebox, a company that developed cartoons for the web. There he learned to program and animate characters.


In 2003, he graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Business Administration. He later started working as an executive producer for Fox Interactive, where he made games for the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2 platforms.


BETWEEN 2006 AND 2015


He continued to work in the video game industry, but it wasn’t always easy. In fact, after having worked for some major companies such as IGN and GameSpy.


He had to put his career on a break due to health problems in 2006. In 2007, he had an ulcer, and in 2009, a herniated disc.


Despite these difficulties, in 2010, he founded the OpenFeint company together with his friend Dan Islamic.


The idea was to create a social network for gamers so that they could share their experiences and their scores.


OpenFeint was an instant hit. In 2011, it reached 100 million registered users and in 2012, it was acquired by the Japanese company DeNA for 104 million dollars.


After selling OpenFeint, Citron continued to work in the video game industry. He founded the company Hammer & Chisel together with his friend Robert Moore in 2012.


The company has focused on developing mobile games but has not been very successful. The two friends then decided to change course and focus on the instant messaging sector.


In 2015, they founded the company Discord Inc., which created the chat platform for Discord gamers.



chose Sony to blow up the Playstation gamer community

Discord is a chat platform for gamers that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time.


The platform started in 2015 and has grown rapidly since then. In 2018, it reached 180 million registered users and in 2019, it exceeded 300 million.


Discord is available for both mobile devices, PC, and Mac. Players can use it to talk to each other, but also to share videos, images, and other content.


The platform has been very popular with users and in 2017, was awarded “Best Voice Chat Application” at the annual Game Developers Choice Awards.


It also won the Webby Award for “Best Social Media Site” in 2019.


Discord also attracted the attention of investors and in 2017, raised $150 million in funding from companies such as Accel, Index Venture,s and Greenoaks Capital.


In 2019, however, it raised another $300 million from investors such as Kleiner Perkins, IVP, and Greylock Partners.


Discord is a privately held company and has not yet made its stock market debut. However, according to some sources, the company could be worth $3-4 billion.


Jason Citron is the co-founder and CEO of the company. Robert Moore is the president.


They both turned down 10 billion to integrate their chat into Miscrosoft’s Xbox and chose Sony.


“From our first conversation with Jason and Stan, I was personally inspired by their love of video games and their shared passion for helping community friends interact in new and engaging ways,” said Jim Ryan, CEO, and President of Sony Interactive. Entertainment.


“Our goal is to bring Discord experiences closer to our PlayStation Network. This will start at the beginning of next year, with a great interest in mobile devices “.




chose Sony to blow up the Playstation gamer community

Jason’s grandfather pioneered the first electrical system industry. Jason has always had a passion for video games. “Over the next ten years we will see a billion new players using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets,” said Jason.


“This is a great opportunity for the video game industry.”


Jason grew up with Super Mario Bros. When the family moved to Florida, he took a pc class and started writing an RPG inspired by Final Fantasy VII.


Despite initial difficulties, Jason Citron managed to fulfill his dream of working in the video game industry.


He founded two companies and created the Discord chat platform for gamers.


His story proves exactly that if you work hard and believe in your ideas, success can be achieved.


But what does it mean to work hard?


– That you have to get up in the morning with that one thought in your head and be focused.


– Every day you have to carry out your project by working on it for several hours.


– You have to do it consistently despite the uninspiring and difficult periods in which the work does not originate or flow.


– You have to ask for help if you think you need it, what matters is to complete your idea and realize your passion.


– Many have passion, they give a lot of speeches, but then they don’t work hard.


– This is not the case with Jason, who has sacrificed himself as a young man until now. He could take $10 billion with his partner and feel he had arrived.


– He feels fulfilled to create what he has in mind if he works hard and achieves his goals. Not that he goes out in the evenings or on weekends to be seen as rich with many luxury items.


– To be successful you must know you will suffer greatly which is not for everyone. If you think it’s up to you, know what I just told you is true.


I was very impressed with the story of the founder of Discord because I found many traits that I love about my job as an entrepreneur.


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