He Started As A Shy Waiter Who Created The Queen Of 3d Graphics For Video Games. Today He Is A Billionaire And A Microchip Guru.


Billionaire And A Microchip Guru

His name is Jensen Huang. He was born in Taiwan. You may already be using a computer with one of his video cards. What led him to the United States and to found one of the most successful companies quite amazing.


Today Forbes credits him with assets of $ 30 billion (as of 2021). His past hasn’t always been that easy or trouble-free.


He learned many lessons and achieved personal growth that lead him to make a difference. In this article, after retracing the important aspects of his life, I will explain the lesson we can learn from his story.


Read on, at the end, you will understand the importance of personal growth that calls to each of us, but is avoided by some to avoid suffering…


Let’s start from the beginning. Why is he so passionate about video games, which became his salvation?


How he shaped his character so that he had the courage to found a company.


Today, he is the guru of microchips, autonomous cars, and artificial intelligence.




Huang’s uphill journey begins in Thailand where his family moved when he was still a child.


He was from a poor but very stubborn family. He attended a training course in the United States in the 1960s and immediately decided that the future of his children, would be there.


Thus, in the early 70s, due to some civil unrest, his family flee Thailand. Their destination was the United States. Ma Huang lived away from his parents for several years with relatives taking care of him during his studies.


It was a difficult transition, in a country with a totally different culture as well as a brand new language.


But thanks to his superhero of a mother, who learns English.


“It was she who taught us English, to prepare us for America – remembers Huang -. At the time she did not understand the language at all, but every day she chose ten words at random from the dictionary and asked us to write them down and tell her the meaning “.


The difficulties of the future teenager of 3D graphics were not over.


He ends up in a boarding school in rural Kentucky for young people in need. Here he is treated very badly.


He is given the task of cleaning the boys’ bathroom every day after class.


But, as often happens, difficulties arise opportunities-


He finds refuge in video games: they are his outlet and his distraction for a not-so-happy start in the US.


He was also an introverted, shy boy, this became a social barrier for him. Then, suddenly something changes …

Billionaire And A Microchip Guru



School and University, were the bomb. Excellent grades and terrific learning skills.


His ability to interact with others and meet new people remains a problem. It affects him socially.


He explained how he overcame this barrier.


“I was very introverted. The only experience that pulled me out of my shell was serving tables at Denny’s (a chain of restaurants) ”.


He continues:


“I was horrified at the prospect of having to talk to people. Having relationships with a restaurant’s clientele means having to face circumstances that are constantly changing “.


“You can’t control the environment, most of the time. However, figuring out how to move in that chaos was a wonderful learning experience ”.

Billionaire And A Microchip Guru



Jensen completes his studies at Oregon State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.


He went on to get an engineering master’s degree from Stanford University.


Before Nvidia there were positions at Lsi Logic and Advanced Micro Devices.


You are the CEO of a famous company, how did that come about?


“Jensen Huang creates it with two engineering friends: Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem”.


The starting capital is around 40 thousand dollars. After the initial difficulties, the company created the GPU (graphics processing unit) in ’99.


Virtually the best graphics processor, that is an integral part of developing graphics-intensive video games.


Games like Battlefield V, Control, DOOM Eternal, Forza Horizon 4, Metro Exodus with these graphics cards are a dream.


When you think about how important they become when the metaverse is created. What these cards do is reproduce a scenario, movements, and three-dimensional drawing on a monitor.


This year, Nvidia’s revenue was $ 16.68 billion, up from $ 10.92 billion in 2020.


It’s amazing. This Asian entrepreneur who fled Thailand decided a few years ago to start investing in other technologies as well.


Jensen Huang founded Nvidia in 1993 and for years has only focused on advancing 3D graphics and games.


Then in 2002, the company started talking publicly about other projects.


“The company he co-founded is committed to artificial intelligence, facial recognition software, and self-driving vehicles.”


Recently Nvidia cards have been optimized for AI applications (such as the V100 and A100): they can process huge amounts of data faster and will be essential to advance this new sector.


Billionaire And A Microchip Guru



“I’m the product of my parents’ dreams and aspirations,” Jensen said recently.


I would add that he understood that life can be changed. You can improve your character aspects and become a better person.


That super shy boy has become a leader in his sector. It means that he had to leave his comfort zone.


“That is to do what is right for us to do, even if it makes us suffer”.


Like learning to ride a bicycle even if we are afraid and there is the risk of falling; taking on something new, that you have never done.


He was super shy. He could have refused to be a waiter and instead, he explains, that’s where he overcame his limits and learned to socialize.


Though it seems like a foregone conclusion, it reinforces that a lot of people prefer not to face their limitations, turning their focus to where it is easier for them.


We are encouraged to make changes doing menial jobs and demanding experiences. It is there that we can forge our character and become more efficient people.


Today’s changing society has us facing greater change.


Here is what Huang has to say:


“As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, robotics, digital biology, and the metaverse, we will see super-exponential technological advances. There has never been a more exciting or important time to be in the semiconductor and computer industry”.


I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly awaiting these exciting changes.


I know there may be risks to our privacy, I also know that governments are working on it and we need to keep our guard up.


There will be new opportunities for everyone that must be grasped instead of accepting these concepts with fear and worry.
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