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Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a famous venture capitalist who has made his fortune by investing in companies like Skype and Tesla. But most of all he has amassed great wealth in Bitcoin.

Except before making the right move with the famous cryptocurrency he had a bad slide. In 2014, he bought 30,000 bitcoins from the illicit Silk Road online marketplace. At the time, they were worth about $18 million and today they would be worth nearly $1 billion.

Unfortunately, all those digital coins bought on the black market have been seized. Despite everything, he did not give up and continued to invest and make money.

This is because he has acquired a mental attitude and an important principle. If you continue reading, later I will explain it to you well. First, we need to describe all the stages in Tim’s life.


Draper was born in 1965 into a family of investors.

His great-grandfather, William Henry Draper, Sr., was an early venture capitalist who co-founded Sutter Hill Ventures (one of the first West Coast venture capital firms).

Draper’s grandfather, John William Draper III, headed the United Nations Development Program from 1972 to 1976. And his father, Timothy C. Draper, is also a well-known venture capitalist who founded the company that would become known as the DFJ.

After attending Stanford University for two years, Draper left and joined the Peace Corps where he spent 27 months in Ghana working on water projects. He then returned to Stanford and earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Draper’s first job after college was with Hewlett-Packard, where he worked in sales.

He then went on to work for a gaming company called Tandem Computers.

In 1985, he founded his computer mail-order company called Draper Associates, which later became an early-stage venture capital firm.

The company was among the first to invest in Hotmail. In July 2014, it was reported that 30,000 Bitcoins were seized from the Silk Road market by the US Marshal.


Tim Draper Bitcoin cryptocurrency billionaire

In 2014 Tim Draper bought 30,000 bitcoins for $18.7 million during the Silk Road auction. Today they would be worth nearly $1 billion. Despite this great fortune, Draper made a mistake.

In 2014, bitcoin was still unknown and had yet to become the global phenomenon it is today. He bought those bitcoins from Silk Road, a darknet market that has since been shut down by law enforcement. But he was oblivious.

But even though he lost his investment in the Silk Road auction of seized bitcoins, Draper remained loyal to cryptocurrencies and continued to invest in them.

In fact, he bought 1,608 BTC for around $1 million at an auction held by the US Marshals Service in November 2018..

Draper is now considered one of the most influential investors in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, including popular projects like Bancor and Tezos E together.

Due to his work in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he is also a major proponent of bitcoin and digital currencies in general.

Apparently, according to estimates made by some magazines, today he owns over a billion dollars worth of crypto in Bitcoin above all.


Screen with stock numbers and Tim Draper

Today, Draper believes that in the future, digital assets like bitcoin will become more used as people begin to recognize their advantages over traditional currency. He predicts that the dollar will be replaced by bitcoin as a global currency.


In an interview he explained why he believes this to be true:

“I strongly believe that Bitcoin has the potential to transform our financial system and that it will go down in history as one of the most important inventions ever created. ”


For those who doubt his prediction, Draper says they should look at how fast the technology is developing and progressing.

In a few years, we have seen huge advances in technology such as the internet, smartphone,s and AI.


Draper is convinced that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will eventually replace traditional currency as we know it today. But even so, he believes the world will still need a universal global currency to facilitate international transactions.


“The dollar is dying and something has to replace it,” he says. “I think something digital will take its place.”


For now, there are still many skeptics who doubt Draper’s predictions for cryptocurrencies. However, considering how fast the technology develops, it seems only a matter of time before we see whether or not his predictions will come true.


Tim also founded Draper Associates, DFJ Ventures, and Draper University of Heroes – an incubator that helps young entrepreneurs launch their startups.


Recently, it announced plans to build a new blockchain campus in Porto Alegre, Brazil with Fintech Labs and DC / Portugal (a similar project is already underway in Portugal).




Tim Draper

Whether they are economic, time, reputation, or other: what is certain is that to be successful you have to take risks.


And that’s what Tim can do very well.


Despite losing his investment in the Silk Road auction, Tim Draper continued to believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies and invested even more money in blockchain and bitcoin.


Today, he is one of the most influential investors in cryptocurrencies, having made billions with bitcoin and other digital assets. While there are still many skeptics who doubt his predictions for the future of cryptocurrencies, Draper remains confident that bitcoin will become a global currency.


So, if you’re looking for ways to invest in cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, it might be worth looking at. What do some of the most successful investors like Tim Draper have to say? After all, they’ve already been right once.


Tim Draper is not the only one to have taken risks in his career.


In finance, there are different types of risks that you can take to make money. These include:


– Investing in startup companies


– Buying assets that are undervalued by the market


– Short selling (betting against a company’s success)


– Hedging (taking a position that will offset losses in another investment)


Startups are particularly risky because they are often not proven and may not have the same level of success as established



However, investing in startups can be very profitable if you choose the right companies to invest in.


Choosing stocks that are undervalued by the market is also a strategy that can pay off. Be sure to do your research and only invest in companies you believe in.


Regardless of the type of risk you want to take, it is important to be informed and always do your due diligence before making any investment decisions.


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