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Richard Heart Hex crypto founder

Richard Heart is a well-known figure in the world of cryptocurrencies. He is the inventor of the cryptocurrency Hex, which gives holders a good return on interest.

But Richard’s story didn’t start with crypto, he is a successful entrepreneur.

Richard Schueler (better known as Richard Heart) is primarily a serial entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, and philanthropist.

Heart is best known for raising over $27 million for medical research via the PulseChain network.

In short, he is an eclectic and brilliant type. Often criticized for some of his decisions and positions, he never gave up on his goals.


Like Hex, a project that has been repeatedly called a scam though he carries it out with great determination.


Richard Heart is a business and investment YouTuber. Het has over 130,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed millions and millions of times.

Richard’s first business venture was a college-started software company. The company developed business software for the financial sector. After a few years, the company was acquired by a publicly-traded company.

After the sale of his software company, Richard began work on Hex, a cryptocurrency that gives holders a high-interest rate on deposits.

You deposit dollars that are exchanged for Hex cryptocurrency. This alone gives you a good return on your money at the end of the year.

If by any chance you are thinking that tomorrow you can take some Hex and then get comfortable on the sofa waiting to earn money, you are very wrong. Unless you have billions … You will get more than what you have with traditional banks which have absurd costs to keep money in their safes.


Richard Heart Hex crypto founder

Richard attended the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated in mathematics and computer science. After graduating, he worked for a few years as a computer engineer.

He later became a stockbroker and started his hedge fund.

Richard’s hedge fund name is Hexagon Capital. While the software company Richard started in college was called Blue River Technologies.

Blue River was sold to JDS Uniphase, a publicly-traded company.


Here we are at the part that will interest most readers. Richard became known to the general public mainly for this.

Hex is a very special cryptocurrency. I said, it offers owners higher interest. It was launched in December 2019.

The Hex token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC20 standard.

Hex tokens are distributed to users participating in the Hex staking program. When you wager Hex tokens, you earn rewards in the form of new Hex tokens. The more Hex Tokens you wager, the higher the reward

The interest rate is currently around 20% per year. But it could go up to 100% if the Hex token price goes up.

The minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH, which is approximately $20 at current prices.

To participate in the program, you must have a Hex wallet. The wallet is available for download on the official ESA website.

The interesting thing is that the more people who participate in the program, the higher the interest rate will be. It could even reach 100% per year if more and more people use it.

This is because a portion of the rewards earned by the participants is used to buy back the Hex tokens on the exchanges. Buybacks increase demand for the token, which in turn drives prices up.

This is why many have provocatively defined it as a pyramid scheme. Rumors and accusations have already been denied more than once.

Hex has a referral program that allows participants to earn a commission on the deposits made by the people they refer to the program.

The referral system pays commissions for 5 referral levels. The first level pays 10%, the second pays 5%, and so on up to the fifth level.


Hand holding coal

I want to report another explanation of Hex that makes the cryptonomist magazine:


“HEX makes use of a traditional finance tool, certificates of deposit (CD): in fact, HEX is the first blockchain in this sense whose ROI (Return of Investment) is inversely proportional to the tokens staked,” reads the magazine.


“If 1% of the tokens are staked then the ROI exceeds 369%, while if the stakes are around 20% then the ROI is 18.45%. The more tokens that are staked, the more interest there is, for example, there is a 20% bonus for those who block tokens for over 1 year.”


Here is the difference with Bitcoin:


The interest is paid thanks to the HEX tokens that are created. The annual inflation rate is 3.69%, and it is here we can see the first difference with bitcoin: an inflationary versus a deflationary asset.




As you can see, Richard Heart is a true entrepreneur. Not because he made money from multiple projects he developed. This is just the consequence of being an entrepreneur.


What does it mean to be an entrepreneur yourself? Not just because you have a company or a factory or a small shop.


Being an entrepreneur means trying to try to achieve your goals and needs.


He went against two aspects that we often encounter in these challenges. This is why he is an entrepreneur:


Against the criticisms and accusations made against him. It’s not just those in the press or those who comment on you on Twitter.


The strongest ones to break and overcome are often family criticisms. If you remember the story of Steve Jobs, in the garage, but with his parents wondering what the madman was doing.


Then he threw himself into something completely new and unknown. This is what entrepreneurs do, they trespass into the unknown without knowing how it will go.


They have no certainty but they explore that dark idea that flashes in their head and put it into practice, even risking failure.


Here, for me, it is all this that expresses the story of this character. Who I admire and in my opinion, can be a source of inspiration for anyone.

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