He Founded The Most Popular Social Blog And Then Came Out With 8 Million At The Age Of 23. Then He Decided To Buy It Back, But Now He Runs A Large Investment Fund


He Founded The Most Popular Social Blog And Then Came Out With 8 Million At The Age Of 23

Few can boast at the age of 23 of having founded a company and owning a share that is worth 8 million that you collect so as to become very rich. This is part of the story of Alexis Ohanian, entrepreneur and co-founder of Reddit.


Alexis Ohanian has always had a great passion for technology and computers since he was little.


At 11, his father gave him his first computer, an experience that led him to learn about the world of programming.


In 2005, Ohanian and Steve Huffman founded Reddit, a social news and entertainment website. A meeting point for virtual communities that can come together on various topics. Among all there is the one in which we talk about video games.


The ups and downs, despite the success so young, Alexis also had them like so many entrepreneurs who have achieved success.


Obstacles that he has overcome thanks to those characteristics typical of brilliant and stubborn people who have leading roles in society. If you continue reading later I will list three of these features.


But now let’s find out who really is one of the minds behind Reddit.




“We were students at the University of Virginia – said Alexis – and we were looking for something to do. Steve had already had an experience with a site called My Mobile Menu and wanted to do something new. So we started building Reddit”.


“It wasn’t our intention to build something that big. We just wanted to create a place where people could share the news and information that interested them most.”


Initially, the site was intended to be something of a “digg killer”, but it quickly evolved into something very different.


In a matter of weeks, the Reddit community has expanded exponentially and the site has become a giant of the network.


Today, Alexis Ohanian is still actively involved in Reddit as chairman of the board.


He is also an investor and advisor to numerous tech startups and has written two books, “Without Their Permission” and “Small Empires”.


Ohanian was also a regular on MSNBC’s popular “Morning Joe” show and has appeared in several documentaries, including “Deep Web” and “Print the Legend”.




There are many reasons why Reddit has become so popular. First, the website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.


People can easily find the information they need and the community is very active.


Secondly, users have the ability to rate articles so that only the best content is displayed on the website.


This feature allows users to be sure they are always finding interesting and high-quality content.


Thirdly, Reddit offers users the ability to participate in different online communities based on their interests.


This means that people can easily connect with other users who share the same interests.


finally, it is extremely flexible and allows users to customize their website according to their preferences.


Here users can choose to view only the content that interests them and ignore the rest.

He Founded The Most Popular Social Blog And Then Came Out With 8 Million At The Age Of 23

But there are other sides of the protagonist of this story that should be listed:


Ohanian was born in Armenia of immigrant parents and moved to the United States at the age of 2. He attended Howard G. Sackler Elementary School and then Montgomery Blair Middle School.


It therefore represents one of the many cases of an American-style social lift. A social phenomenon still works and gives hope to many ambitious people.


After high school, Ohanian attended the University of Virginia, where he studied economics.


Ohanian is a fervent advocate of the right to online privacy and freedom of expression. He also founded the Open Internet Coalition, a non-profit organization that is committed to defending these fundamental rights.


Ohanian is also a cat enthusiast and has two cats, Karma and Mr. Meowingtons. In addition, he is also the owner of a pasta restaurant called “Freshly”.



He Founded The Most Popular Social Blog And Then Came Out With 8 Million At The Age Of 23

Even the best reports and loves can break. So the one between him and his creature.


In 2006, Ohanian and other investors sold Reddit to Condé Nast for an estimated $ 10 to $ 20 million. However, in 2015, Ohanian again bought the majority stake in the website along with other investors.


Ohanian remained involved with Reddit as chairman of the board until 2018, when he announced that he would be leaving his position to devote full-time to his new investment firm, Initialized Capital.




Initialized Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Ohanian and Garry Tan in 2011. The company focuses on investments in technology startups and has already invested in several successful companies, including Instacart, Cruise Automation and Opendoor.


Ohanian is also the co-founder of the online magazine “Business Insider” and the news website “Hacker News”. In addition, he is the owner of the “Overwatch League” eSports team, the San Francisco Shock.


Ohanian was married to famed entrepreneur and tennis player Serena Williams from 2017 to 2020. The couple had a daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., in September 2017.




He Founded The Most Popular Social Blog And Then Came Out With 8 Million At The Age Of 23

Ohanian is a very intelligent, motivated and determined person. But these are not the characteristics I mean.


He has proven he is capable of building a successful business from scratch and has also proven himself to be a very good investor.


The three qualities it has or has acquired are these:


– Sacrifice yourself 100% for your project (your company) but don’t feel it is part of your identity. You must be ready at any time to do without it. Take on challenges that stimulate you every day to do better and better

-Your mission must not be about your profits, but must give value to people.


– Finally, Ohanian is also a family man and has always made a point of spending time with his wife and daughter. He also proved to be a great father and husband, which is not for everyone.


Alexis Ohanian is undoubtedly a very successful and inspirational person to all of us.


It has shown that it is possible to create something great from scratch and it has also shown that intelligent, motivated and determined people can achieve whatever they want in life.


Ohanian is a real inspiration to us all.


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