Men and women should have several partners at the same time; as they will have children and grandchildren who are more resistant to the stress of life


woman with two sexual partners

Hey buddy!


Maybe you’ve always thought that romantic relationships are those that are exclusive between one man and one woman.


Like between Olivia and Liam, who love each other and have sex only with each other and not with other people.


A study shows that if we mate with more than one person, we build a stronger society, able to overcome stress more easily.


That means, Olivia and Liam should not only have sex with each other but with other men and women as well. You get it?


I’m not saying you have to do orgies! If you were thinking about that, don’t worry, I mean something else.


I’m just saying that the sentimental habits of most Americans need to be changed.


We have always been told that loving and having sexual relationships with multiple partners is not ok, dirty, and we live better if we have only one partner.


Now we are discovering that this way of behaving has made us weaker and less able to overcome the difficulties of life.


We should give a rat’s ass about morals and hang out with more women or men.


The following study is from the University of East Anglia, published in Global Change Biology.


It tells us that:


“Forced monogamy eliminates competition and sexual choice by creating a population that is less resistant to environmental stress, such as climate change.”


Monogamy is the word used to describe those who have sex with only one person and vice versa. It is also applied in the animal world.


Now, I’ll explain better what the researchers found.


If a man has a relationship with just one woman in all his life, he creates a problem for the species as a whole:


Let’s take Olivia and Liam as an example. Let’s assume that their love story began at a very young age.


In their lives, therefore, they have had only one courtship – what scientists call “competition of sexual choice” – and children just among themselves and that’s it.


According to the study, it is having many courtships, sex, and children with different partners that make the species stronger and more resistant to the stresses of life.


Because it triggers a sort of “sexual selection that determines which genes will be reproduced in the next generation.”


In other words, thanks to the diversification of genes, evolution will be positively influenced by the most resistant genes.


Olivia and Liam are already weaker people and more sensitive to the problems and obstacles they face compared to their parents (if they come from generations of monogamists.)


As a result, their children will also be born even more sensitive to the stresses of life, and the continuation of the human species thus undergoes this negative process, which they call the “impoverishment” of the species.


Especially if the generations after the sentimental habit are the same as before; meaning that people continue to mate with only one person at a time.


If you are one of those who until now thought it was bad to have sex and mate with many people, you should consider this new take.

male/female couple, her head on his shoulder

Fuck, I think this is an opportunity.


They are telling us that indulging in the pleasure of sex makes us invincible to problems!


I’m not telling you that you have to do it; I’m just giving you more information that can help you see the world differently.


And the scientific research is not over, read on!


This news caught my attention; I read it while I was comfortably seated on my sofa, enjoying a hot cup of coffee. That’s what a true reader needs, a nice cup of coffee.




Now I’ll show you how scientists have discovered this information.


The research was conducted on beetles (the Tribolium of the flours).


Can you believe they made them reproduce in a laboratory for 10 years?


This is not a trivial study; it is a significant one.


“In these 10 years some beetle families were been allowed polygamous mating: each female had been given a choice of five males.”


Another group was forced to be monogamous without any competition or choice.


After 95 generations, the scientists looked at how the two groups had faced environmental and genetic stresses.


Here is what Professor Matt Gage, of the UEA School of Biological Sciences, said:


“We have reproduced the real-life scenario that species face today through repeated stress cycles due to food restriction, exposure to heat waves and being forced to overcome a population collapse.”


“We found that monogamous beetles could not cope with environmental or genetic stress. They became extinct at the end of the process.”


The test was conducted on insects, but according to the scientists, it applies to all species, just with different impact effects. Man certainly doesn’t face extinction due to monogamy. Today he has many tools to overcome life’s stresses; for example, food is never lacking for us.


But monogamy also has an impact on us.

male/female couple, her head on his shoulder

For this reason, living a life with one person may not be good; especially for your children and grandchildren.


You heard right; even if your neighbor looks like a mix between Manuel Ferrara and Danny D. (if you don’t know who they are I’ll tell you when you get older), in the United States men and women have an average of 7 partners in their life.


This number is reported by a survey by Superdrug, a retailer of health and beauty products based in the United Kingdom. He interviewed several Americans to gather data for this survey.

Well, it is better to go beyond the number seven.




We should do what beetles that survived the test do: have fun with more men and women.


I’ll give you another example:


On Saturday you hang out with one partner, and on Sunday with another one. On Tuesday, you have sex with the first and on Thursday with the second.


Maybe the week after, if you get to know a third person and also mate with them.


In this way, you have multiple relationships at the same time. That’s all.

Man with two sexual partners snuggling

Now I’ll give you the latest research data because it’s interesting:


“The group of beetles that had freedom to mate declined much more slowly and 60% of the population was still alive at the end of the study.”


I also want to introduce a study from the University of Sheffield. The author is Virpi Lummaa.


Simply put, he found that:


“Having more than one wife is good for your health and makes men live longer.”


The University has considered many men over 60 from 140 different countries.


“The researcher found in polygamists an average lifespan that is 12% longer than monogamous ones.”


So, mating with more people makes us stronger genetically and psychologically and makes us live longer.


Many people probably still have to overcome habits and tradition.


We should all feel free to do what we want:


If you want to live your whole life with one partner, do it; but if you want to mate with many people, you should do it. You and the next generations will benefit from it.


This is one of the many incredible pieces of information that I also share on my Twitter profile. Follow me:


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