Going to space is a waste of money. More than a dream, it has turned into the theft of your future


An astronaut ready for space

Buddy, I wanna ask you a question:


Do you know what it means to spend money to travel to space?
As every minute goes by, there are more and more people suffering because they cannot afford medical care.


The billions of dollars used to build spaceships in the United States plunges more and more people into poverty, such as those who struggle to pay rent.


Having little money to get by means no hope for a future. I mean, you don’t have an idea of how you can improve your life.


I don’t know if this situation affects you, but I can tell you that there are millions of Americans who find themselves with only a few dollars in their pockets every day.


Fuck! They look at themselves in the mirror first thing in the morning, and they have to choose: medicines or a new pair of shoes to replace the ones with holes?


Is it better to have a roof over your head or to pay for a doctor’s appointment for that strange pain in your abdomen?


For these reasons, I believe that continuing to explore space is a bottomless hole. A hole that takes the breath away from people in need. Don’t you think so?


There are so many families with a yearly income under $25,700: that’s the minimum threshold beyond which is considered poverty.


The Bishops’ Conference of the United States says so. Recently, they posted the Poverty Report, which contains very troubling data:


“In the United States, there are 38 million citizens living in poverty, of which 11.6 million are children.”


And what does the United States do? It sends shuttles into space as if they are playing a game.


They call it the space race.


Although, it seems to be more of a race to waste. And there are many people who think like me.

rocket launching into space

Do you remember the Apollo 10 mission?

It happened in 1969. It was the launch that paved the way to land on the moon (we did it with Apollo 11).


Do you know what it cost the United States? In those years, about 20 thousand, which today is equivalent to 150/250 billion dollars.


But let’s come back to the current situation.




In recent years, on average, governments have given NASA about 20 billion a year.


“But Congress has decided for 2021 to increase this figure to 25 billion.”


Due to the Artemis program, the American government is aiming for a human landing system on the lunar surface.


The Artemis program, in other words, will: allow the first woman and the first man to live on the moon, which means achieving a permanent human presence up there, an economy, and eventually more people too.


Will all this solve some of our problems too? I don’t think so.

Spending 25 billion to help the poor would have an impact on us. Now.


Helping our children pay for school or college would be beneficial, not wandering around the universe.


Are you ready to defend these choices? Doesn’t this all sound insane to you?


You’re probably wondering if I am against space research based on principle or if I’m a conspiracy theorist.


It’s actually none of these things. I’m an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur;. I like challenges and investments in the future.


But they have to be beneficial to the country; creating employment and improving people’s lives.


If space missions take away people’s money, causing further impoverishment, it’s a bad story that should piss you off too.


But I’m not done yet, continue reading, and you’ll be amazed. Do you know how many screwed up missions there have been?


rocket launching into space

Here is another one: “The spacecraft sent to Mars called InSight.”


It arrived on the planet in 2018 in an area called Elysium Planitia, with the mission of studying the interior of the red planet. In other words, it had to dig into the ground, using an automatic hammer, to a depth of around 5.5 yards.


Such a depth had never been reached. In January this year, it was said that it was an outright failure.


Another waste of public funds.


It cost about $800 million to make a few centimeters-deep hole on Mars. Absurd!




“In 2015, a UN report explained that to eliminate global hunger by 2030, 267 billion dollars a year is needed.”


We are talking about the entire world. So, by using the resources that each country puts into space research, we would already be a step forward.


View of earth shot from space

Until we eliminate the suffering of American families, there is no future. In my opinion, this is the challenge of the century.


I’ll give you an example. Think about when you build a house. You get to the end, and you are missing the bedroom and the kitchen, and your budget is running out.


What can be done at this stage? Let’s say you use the last of your money to build a swimming pool. Then imagine your friends’ faces when you invite them to your home.


They will probably ask you, laughing: “Where do you cook? Where do you sleep?”


Well, this is what happens in America and in other countries.


People think about the swimming pool on the moon, and we forget about a bed and a meal for many people or the education and care of our children.


This is most definitely not the way to build the future that many of us have dreamed of.


Well, that’s what I openly and honestly think. And if you want to discover other absurd ideas, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SirNickNite. My profile is growing very quickly, because I provide a vision of the world that is against the trend and maybe even a little crazy.


I will conclude by telling you what I see in this space race.


But first, I want to defend the many researchers and astronauts who work on spacecraft, probes, and missions. They are really ok.


They are brave and have an imagination that rocks. They should continue to work on research, but without the galactic missions.


In other words, keep this place afloat but at a much lower cost.


Having said that, though, I see something that has already happened in the past.


The conquests of Alexander the Great, those of Genghis Khan, of Napoleon; from the discovery of America, to that of Australia, and Antarctica.


Today we try to conquer and discover the planets of the solar universe because the Earth is over.


So, I leave you with this last question.

Do we expect to find some solution up there among the stars?
Or is someone trying to respond to someone else’s selfishness by trampling on the rights of others as in the past?


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite



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