Electric scooters are already a thing of the past. The future of mobility in the city is taxi-drones


Taxi-drone the future of mobility

In Dubai, there has been a self-driving flying taxi service since 2018. There are probably those who would be afraid to climb on it. But it will be the future in all cities. Soon these flying objects will be where you live (if you live in the city of course.)


The one in Dubai is a fully electric Ehang 184. It can make a vertical climb of 300 meters and fly for 15 km reaching 130 km/h. In short, they are small jets.


You may be thinking that they are not that reliable. Maybe it’s because you’re used to thinking of them as a remote-controlled carry toy.


Instead, think that they are safer than scooters that are experiencing a very high percentage of accidents both in the United States and in America.


I am convinced that in not many years many will find the flying taxi more comfortable.


Unfortunately, there are still very few places where they are available. But they will soon expand to large cities.




According to estimates, in 2035 there should be over 35,000 aircraft in circulation in the skies of cities around the world. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of drones for passenger and freight transport.


The total turnover is calculated at around 70 billion euros.

Taxi-drone the future of mobility

In 2022, Barcelona, one of the most popular European cities in Europe by tourists, can also be visited on board flying taxis.


Because, according to the Spanish air navigation authority Enaire:


“We need to move urban mobility to the third dimension: airspace. And we need to do it in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.”


In technical jargon, taxi drones and drones used to move people or objects in general are defined in this way.


They are called eVTOL; a full-fledged aircraft which, however, changes from classic airplanes for two main characteristics:


– It is electric, so it has an electrical energy storage battery.


– It takes off and lands vertically and therefore does not need a landing strip.


– All this is the result of a technology born thanks to the great advances in electric propulsion.


So, thinking about the possible applications of this transport service, the excitement of seeing these drones darting over our heads is undoubtedly great.


But there is still a long way to go before all of this comes true in the terms that you too can imagine. But this change is really around the corner.


Meanwhile, the rush to build these small planes has begun.




Until recently, Hyundai was known for cars. But the UAM (Urban Air Mobility) division of the Korean brand was recently created.


But there is also United Airlines which has ordered drone-taxis up to $1.5 billion.


“Hyundai has not only started building taxi drones but also wants to build the airports of the future; those designed for vertical take-off and landing.”


At the traditional Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year he presented the first prototype of a “taxi-drone”, called the S-A1, in collaboration with Uber.


– It is based on electric propulsion.


– It can travel up to 290 km/h, at an altitude ranging from 300 to 600 meters.


– It has a range of about 100 kilometers.


He then entered into other collaborations for (including with Incheon International Airport Corp) to build veriports before 2028. Airports for vertical flight drones.


Another challenge for mobility and a totally revolutionized way of traveling.


It will also be the new fashion. Perhaps they will also build commercial drones and so any citizen with a driving license will be able to buy it.


But this is another step. Farther. What is right for you to know is that even if more expensive they will be the scooters of the future. Much faster and more comfortable.


The way of moving between countries (long distances) will also be totally different.


“United Airlines has in fact signed an agreement with the Californian Archer, one of the main companies in the vertical take-off electric drone sector.”


It foresees orders for $1 billion in aircraft, with an option for another $500 million. Drones will transport people and goods quickly.


Throughout this project, Mesa Airlines will manage a network capable of connecting cities and airports within its main hubs in a fast, economical and low-emission way by 2024.




It will carry passengers from central New York to suburbs and neighboring cities such as Boston and Washington starting at $85.


It will be ready from 2022. It will be one of the first cool things we will see in the sky of an American city.


Not a small fly in the blue and among the buildings. But a nice big vehicle that will fly over our heads.


The aircraft was 3D printed and developed by the American start-up Kelekona for short and medium length journeys.


At the beginning it will only transport goods, with loads up to 4.5 tons. Already in 2022. And immediately afterwards, inaugurating the first routes for passenger transport between Manhattan and the Hamptons.


These are the places of high society in New York that can be reached in just 30 minutes at the basic cost.


But there will also be an extensive network of connections between major American cities: such as Boston and Washington, or the Californian coast, for example between Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Are you ready for the first trip on a drone?

Woman entering Taxi-drone

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