The future belongs to bionic men. Strong as a gorilla and objects activated by thought.


Bionic man with drone

Have you ever seen the RoboCop movie? We are not that far from that scenario.


Bionic hands, arms, and legs are already a reality.


Tilly Lockey, born in 2005, lost both arms at 15 months to severe meningitis. Today she shows off her diamond-covered prostheses on Instagram.


She uses these metal arms, which seem to come from a Marvel film, to do anything. They make her normal, but different.


Biotechnology is a godsend for anyone who has had serious problems like her, But how far do scientists want to go?


Will bioengineering ever become a kind of cosmetic surgery to empower the body and mind?


I’ll give you the answer at the end. Meanwhile, you should know that…


“They are called Human Augmentation technologies! Because they are able to increase the perceptive and cognitive faculties, as well as motor skills of man.”


Science will focus on this in the coming years.


It will probably be the evolution of man; from Homo sapiens to Homo technologicus.


For example, Istvan Zoltan thinks so; he’s the leader of the American Transhumanist Party. He imagines a future of technology-enhanced human beings.


And it’s so cool! Although it’s still crazy as nowadays people still complain about being against silicone boobs or Botox lips, while scientists are breaking down the wall of what was only in the science fiction imagination. They create what they call “augmented men”.


It is something disorienting but also very cool because it can make us more resistant, efficient, and help us live longer.


This is the effect it had on me. I’m almost a millionaire, an Italian entrepreneur and I always appreciate revolutionary news.


Such as this one I’m about to tell you…




The first evolution is evident, it will concern bioengineering at the motor level.


We will have bionic arms and legs, not to replace amputated limbs but for added strength.


This is only a step forward, compared to what some companies have already done to allow disabled people to walk again. Like the case of Tinkerbell.

Bionic woman, Tilley Lockey

The primacy is Hugh Herr, director of the biomechatronics laboratory of MIT in Boston; he had his legs amputated below the knees.


What did he do? He has implanted two motorized “knee-highs” that allow him to carry 23 kilos using less energy than would otherwise be needed.


“This is the first human exoskeleton that increases capacity and reduces the metabolic cost – explained Herr – to an extent equal to approximately 30%.”


That’s just the very first step. Who knows what awaits us in the future.


Think of this example; the first cars of about a century ago and the electric ones of today. Yet science today is three times faster than it was in the past.


Another example of increased human physical capabilities is the Body Extender, the exoskeleton of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa (Italy).


“With the Body Extender, a person can lift 110lbs with each hand.”


It is not a prosthesis attached to the body, it is still rudimentary, but it will become less invasive and very useful.

For Obama, the dream of the future is “to build an Iron Man”. He said it as a joke a long time ago, but the US military is doing something similar with the Talos project.




Do you know that with the magic wand, Potter moves objects remotely?


Well, this kinds of magic already exist, even without the modern magic wand, that is, the remote control.


The CEO of DSruptive Subdermals, Hannes Sapiens Sjöblad, is a living example of an enhancement of cognitive faculties.

Hannes is an entrepreneur and innovator of technologies related to people.


He used his body as an experiment; he implanted a chip under his skin with which he opens and closes the doors of the house.


With that chip, he can also pay, open the office, use the gym services, and other things like that; he has all the keys in his hand.


“What is the boundary between me and technology,” he wonders.


It’s hard to say, but it sure will be a thinner and thinner line when you think about what Elon Musk is doing with Neuralink.



Bionic hand painting fingernails

Neuralink was founded in 2017. It deals with neurotechnology; in detail, it deals with how to connect the nervous system (the mind) with advanced technologies and laptop components.


Musk said:


“The results obtained by testing pigs and monkeys allowed a chimpanzee to play a video game with his thoughts.”


Neuralink will begin testing on humans by the end of 2021.


The microchip will be inserted into a person’s skull; then it will be connected to the brain with threads thinner than human hair.


The first goal is to cure some problems such as brain injuries, blindness, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or start talking and walking again.


“A blind person will be able to see some pixels that represent what surrounds them, from faces to landscapes.”


In other words…




I’m writing the end of this article enjoying a good hot cup of coffee. People who work hard on computers can’t do without a good coffee.


Now I’ll answer the initial question; the answer is that people in the future will use bionics to have greater capabilities and more strength.


I really think so, but these are not my words.


Zoltan Istvan is so convinced of this. He’s a guest of the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and Harvard University. He was also a reporter for the National Geographic Channel.


But it’s Elon Musk himself. He explained the purpose of his studies;


“Create a symbiosis between mind and machine, a real interface between man and computer.”


– We will always be connected to the Internet.


– We could anticipate potentially life-threatening health problem.


– Musk states that “without sensors in the brain, there will be the possibility that man will become useless for the purpose of progress.”


Shocking, right?


If you want to read more extravagant information and be positively impressed follow my Twitter profile: . It will become one of the most controversial and crazy profiles.


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite


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