From Total Failure With The Company That Wanted To Copy Napster To Founder Of Uber. Here Is The Story Of Travis Kalanick And How To Rise Up


Story Of Travis Kalanick And How To Rise Up

He built the richest startup on the planet and invented a new business model. At the base, as you know, there is the sharing economy. His name is Travis Kalanick, he is 45 years old and he is the co-founder of Uber.


To achieve success, he had to “eat shit” as they say in Italy. That is, he had to go through failure and humiliation. It happened twice in his life.


I want to tell you his story, it teaches us an incredible truth and useful moral. Do not miss this, read to the end where I will explain it. It’s so cool.


I believe that since 2017 he is no longer part of Uber but he is behind its birth and it is interesting to hear his story of how he came to have that enormous idea.


Just over-the-top: because it has changed a market of technology, making it cheaper and more efficient. It should also be said that it did not do so without controversy and sometimes created inconvenience for a group of taxi drivers.


It remains a revolutionary idea that today has been valued at over 120 billion dollars.


“It is no coincidence that they are also shooting a miniseries (called Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber) which tells about his life. That of a brilliant man capable of the greatest ideas and sometimes controversial conduct. ”


Among the actresses, will be Uma Thurman, while Travis will be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Now let’s just start with the distractions




Kalanick was born in Los Angeles on August 6, 1972, after high school he began studying computer engineering at the famous UCLA (University of California Los Angeles).


In 1998, at the age of just over twenty, he decided to leave the faculty with some colleagues, and he founded his first company.


His colleagues were Michael Todd, Vince Busam, and Dan Rodrigues.


“What they created was called the Scour and Scour Exchange.
It was a search engine and a peer-to-peer platform for exchanging multimedia files ”.


Something similar to Napster. Those were the golden years of piracy. But in addition, Kalanick and associates added to Scour the ability to share and download image and video files as well.


Nice project, but it went very badly. The big record companies started the counter-offensive and Scour lost a billion-dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement.


Travis and his colleagues were then forced to file for bankruptcy to avoid a heavy sentence.


These were difficult years for him. Dreamy earnings are replaced with months without salary. At the end of 2001, Travis was even forced to return to live with his family.


Humiliation and difficult times for the boy who dreamed of success with his project.


“The nice thing is that Travis Kalanick does not quit, with Todd and other Scour defectors he tries again with Red Swoosh.”


He always deals with peer-to-peer using the fastest internet network. He is much better off in 2007, he sells the company to Akamai and collects 19 million dollars.

Story Of Travis Kalanick And How To Rise Up



As written in his Twitter Bio, Kalanick is a serial entrepreneur. And in fact, as soon as the bulb in his head lights up again, he starts what will later become Uber.


It happens by chance on a cold winter evening in 2008. The two future American co-founders, after leaving a conference in Paris, find themselves in need of a taxi. They wait a long time without finding any available.


It is in this way that Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp (former founder of Stumble Upon) begin to think about this:


How convenient it would be to have an app made specifically to meet the needs of those who need a way to get around the city but don’t have a car at their disposal.


They develop a system that allows you to have a series of cars with drivers available for travel. They start by contacting the car rental companies for drivers, who were showing interest because of the hard times.
They go it alone and the Uber we know today is born.


“Today the Uber app is available in 65 countries around the world and in more than 600 cities. The United States remains the main market for this platform and the second is Brazil ”.


In addition, Uber is kicking off a revolution that affects various sectors, always ideal mobility:


– In many cities, there are now active bike-sharing and sharing services for electric scooters.

– It is also preparing for a taxi drone service to be shared with more passengers to cut costs.

Story Of Travis Kalanick And How To Rise Up

In short, fourteen years of expansion happened. Of which the last four went forward without Travis who first resigned, then sold all the shares he owned. There have been major problems with the company’s shareholders.


He certainly did not stand by, what he will tell you later confirms a lesson that he has well internalized and always uses. You should do it too, I’ll explain what it is…




And here we are at the point I promised you… There are two occasions in which Travis demonstrates and teaches us a harsh reality of life and how to behave. That is:


“You need to know how to rise up from difficult times. Because everyone experiences difficult moments but it is the men who go forward who reach their dreams ”


And where do we need to start again?


What we have learned from previous experience, always teaches us a lesson and above all, from that experience, not everything should be thrown away.


The first time he does this is when he fails with his first peer-to-peer venture. He doesn’t think twice about getting back in the saddle.


Start over with what you learned and always use the concept of sharing. Thus was born Uber.


This is the second lesson, Although he was kicked out of his company – I’m not going to get into who is right – today he tries again with another great and ambitious idea.


His new business is called CloudKitchens. What is it about


Kalanick has rented warehouses halfway around the world. (United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea) and furnished them with kitchens to create restaurants that work exclusively for take-away.


Then use the services of delivery companies such as GrubHub and UberEats.


CloudKitchens is basically a catering department store. When a customer orders Indian food via the app, the food does not come from a real Indian restaurant with tables and chairs, but from a kitchen inside a warehouse.


These kitchens are also called “dark kitchens” and are already in use by many companies, but Kalanick’s version seems particularly successful.


In the United States, 20 percent of UberEats orders are prepared in the kitchens of CloudKitchens’ Even in this case, he kept in mind what he had learned, using his previous entrepreneurial activity.


Bravo Travis, on my part.


And let me introduce myself, this is me below …



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