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Rohan Seth clubhouse app inventor

Rohan Seth is the man behind the social media app Clubhouse. Born in India, he emigrated to the United States with his family when he was just a child.


Plus his father worked hard to provide for his family, and Seth soon developed a strong work ethic.


He distinguished himself in school and eventually went to Stanford University on a scholarship.


Here is a success stories of a man who has managed to make something of himself. Of one who has exploited the hunger of ambition. A man who left being poor, wanted everything, and didn’t stop until he got it.


If he managed to go a long way, it is because he followed an essential principle that we find in every man who manages to make his dreams come true. If you continue reading I will explain what it is and how you can make this lesson your own.




It was during his time at Stanford that Seth met Paul Davison, who would later become his business partner.


The two men bonded for their shared love of technology and their desire to change the world.


They both continued to work at Google, where they had some success, but had always dreamed of starting their own company.


In 2020, they decided to take the initiative and founded Clubhouse. The app quickly became popular, especially among celebrities and other high profile users.


As of December 2020, it was valued at nearly $100 million. A few months later it had hit one billion dollars. Clubhouse allows people to have conversations in “rooms” and has been described as a more intimate and authentic alternative to other social media platforms.



Rohan Seth and Paul Davison

Seth’s father has always worked hard to provide for his family.


This instilled a strong work ethic in Seth. He excelled at school and was eventually able to attend Stanford University on a full scholarship with a masters degree in management engineering in 2008.


Seth and his family emigrated to the United States when he was just a child. His father wanted to offer his family opportunities that he did not have in India.


Seth’s experience as a migrant worker in the United States helped him understand the needs of other immigrants.


This led him to start a company that helps others have confrontation and debate, only in audio format.


The young Seth, who grew up in the Indian capital of Delhi, is very stingy with details about his private life: on the web he has left very few traces of himself.


Reading his LinkedIn page, it reveals that two years prior to graduation Seth began his career as an engineer at Google, where he worked for six years on machine learning and co-founded the search engine localization platform.


We also know that after leaving Google, Seth founded a technology start-up: Memry Labs. It allows you to “create, record, and remember your best memories.”


The app was acquired in 2017 by the company Open Doors for 1.2 million dollars.


It is known that he is a fan of Bruce Springsteen, and is married to Jennifer Fernquist, Canadian, Google researcher.


In 2019, the couple had little Lydia Niru Seth, born with a rare genetic disease: an experience that prompted the parents to create a foundation, the Lydian Accelerator, “a non-profit open source platform that aims to create personalized genetic treatments for children” like their Lydia.



Clubhouse app

As I said Clubhouse was born 2 years ago.


It is a social media application that has quickly become popular, especially among celebrities and other high profile users.


Clubhouse allows people to have conversations and meetings, where you can connect and a speaker talks about a specific topic and can also share their thoughts with the listener.


This social network has been described as a more intimate and authentic alternative to other social media platforms.


It’s a cross between a live radio, social network, and podcast (by strict invitation), valued at over a billion dollars.


The platform currently has around 12 million users. It has slowed down from the sudden initial growth.


However, from time to time Seth, his team, and his partner make updates to the App in order to make it more usable and fun.


I’m pretty sure it will expand Clubhouse because it has a positive vibe and follows a very important principle …



Rohan Seth clubhouse app inventor holding his child

Seth has transformed or many what would be a deficit into a driving force.

I mean the fact that he was a migrant and came to the United States as one of the last in modern culture. Without special knowledge and studies, without financial possibilities, and without knowing people who open the doors to success for you.

None of this.

You may know a lot of people who are complaining and still criticized in even better conditions. They should have known Seth as a young man.

Instead of complaining and crying about his condition, he used that suffering to do his utmost and worked to get out of poverty.

This is what I call “feeling hungry.”

The young man not only had to help his father in the grocery store, he also experienced some bad treatment because of his origins.

So if you are not already a successful person, or have no ambitions, and are happy with your economic, health, social, and ideal situation, this lesson is probably not for you.

In all other cases ask yourself if you feel the strong need to have and be more. Your exact hunger.

If you don’t feel it, it’s because you don’t have a good awareness of the interesting life you should be excited about and the abundance that you may gain over the bad moments you are living. The good news is that this awareness can be created.


Seth did it and you can too.

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