From Former Chief Engineer Of Elon Musk To Founder Of The Electric Car Who Wants To Beat Tesla. Here's The Story Of Peter Rawlinson


The Story Of Peter Rawlinson

Peter Rawlinson kept his word. Lucid Motors has just started deliveries of its first model, the Lucid Air. And it is the electric car with the longest range in the world (520 miles) and has guaranteed that it will also be the best on the market.


He may not be as visionary as Elon Musk but if he assures that he will do better than him he probably knows what he is saying and is proving it. The Dream edition, the high-end Lucid version, produced for only 520 units is truly a class hit.


But in his stellar career as an engineer Peter suffered a setback in 2012: he had to leave Tesla for two important reasons. And his profession and his dreams were put on hold for a while.


However, he is back more wildly than before and with the idea of kicking his previous boss’s ass. Will he make it? I don’t know but it got off to a really strong start and it scares the other car manufacturers.


Especially because he has a principle he works with that makes a difference. His story conveys a teaching that can be useful to everyone. If you read it thoroughly, I’ll explain it to you.


Did you know that he is the creator of a particularity that made the legendary Lotus famous?




Where did this new electric car visionary come from?


Peter Rawlinson was born in South Wales. He attended Imperial College London and graduated in mechanical engineering.


He quickly found a job at Jaguar. And here he also made a career. He first became head of packaging and corporate safety and then Jaguar’s chief engineer.


But he was not one who stopped at the first conquests and he was not afraid to try other challenges.


In fact, he moved from Jaguar to Lotus. He was immediately made chief engineer.


And in this new car company it made itself stand out once again. “What was important was his point of view in the design and engineering of the featherweight of the Lotus Elise.”


Not surprisingly, it was very similar to the Imola: a car he had built with some friends and featured a similar aluminum alloy structure to save weight without losing stiffness.


Peter Rawlinson, however, still wanted to experience somewhere else. And so it moves on to a third, smaller car manufacturer. It’s Corus Automotive. But here it will stop very little.


Because he receives a call from the legendary Elon Musk who wants him to team up with him.


And here he moves from Europe to California …

The Story Of Peter Rawlinson



Rawlinson joined Tesla’s team as VP of Vehicle Engineering and Chief Engineer of Model S in 2010.


But before he started, he made a number one thing. As a true leader.


He personally chose the entire team of engineers who would follow the Model S project.


It is estimated that around 70% of the patents filed for the Model S bear the signature of Peter.


“But while he is busy working for Musk he is approached by a small battery company. Her name was Atieva: she was trying to start building electric cars ”.


Guess what’? Rawlinson with his character of ambitious and daring person agrees to join. But on two conditions:


They would make the best electric car in the World. The company would have to change its name as it felt that Atieva looked more like a yogurt brand than a serious electric vehicle manufacturer.


So then the name Lucid was born and Rawlinson came on board as its chief technical officer in 2013. And then he became CEO in 2019.


At first, however, he hadn’t planned to leave Tesla. If it happened, it’s because the relationship with Musk started to break down.


“We’ve been doing great most of the time I’ve been there. We were both obsessed with making the most of technology and engineering, ”recalled Rawlinson.


One of the latest discussions was on this:


Musk wanted the Model X crossover, meant to be a quick follow-up to the Model S, had the famous and complex “hawk-wing” folding doors.


Musk’s decision ultimately delayed the launch of the X by about two years and resulted in huge amounts of additional costs – as Peter had predicted.


In short, in 2012 he took a break to help his mother in England who needed treatment. And he never returned to Tesla.


A year later he was thrilled with his new Lucid Air project.


And what happened is news of these days. And it will be news for the next few years.

The Story Of Peter Rawlinson



A part of his bet has already won. US startup Lucid has already registered more than 13,000 bookings for its first product. The Lucid Air.


It has organized an ad hoc event to entrust its customers with the keys to the first Dream Edition units


But Peter is someone who wants more and more because he has a principle in his modus operandi:


Always strive for perfection to be the best


And it is on this basis that he thinks he can beat Tesla. Improving himself to the point of being perfect.


I’ll tell you the latest anecdote relating to his life. He is exemplary of his way of being and transforming the products he puts his hand on.


One of Rawlinson’s first plans at Lucid was to become the battery supplier for Formula E.


Before him, Williams did. But …


“The bet in this case was to produce an energy accumulator that would last for the entire race distance”.


In fact, the Formula heats from Williams Grand Prix Engineering could only cover half the race distance with the drivers having to make a pit stop.


He did it! The batteries from 54 kWh of Lucid did forget those 28 kWh of Williams, eliminating the need for drivers to stop at the pits will do the same with Lucid:


“Nobody believes me, but we are going to lead to another level”


He stated during a chat on Zoom before Christmas, connecting from a farm in Warwickshire, England. His home when he’s not at Lucid Motors headquarters in Silicon Valley.


I think I have told you a good story. Now I want to introduce myself. This below is me and I am an Italian entrepreneur who is almost a millionaire



Did you know that The Italian Nico Nobili – SirNickNite created the first project that merges technology and artificial intelligence with the human being . It creates technological products that adapt and merge with man useful in everyday life.


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite

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