From PayPal to ebay, he finally founded a company worth over 15 billion a year. But he is still dissatisfied and continues to create apps and other tech projecte


Chad Hurley co-founded YouTube and other companies

Chad Hurley is an American entrepreneur and technologist, co-founder of YouTube and Playa Ventures. He was also president and CEO of MixBit.

Before founding YouTube, Hurley worked as an interface designer for PayPal. He later became eBay’s Director of User Experience, where he led the website design and growth of the online community.

In 2005, together with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, he founded YouTube, where Hurley held the position of president and CEO until 2010.

Not an easy rise … that started as a boy inspired by art and ended up as a myth of social media and online business that created a pillar of the internet.

Not without difficulties and obstacles to overcome. However, if it has reached the apex in this world, realizing the dream of a new generation’s passions for being online, and success in this sector, with good reason.

I will explain it to you later. Read on and find out who Chad is and the steps he took before founding YouTube.


YouTube on cell phone screen

Chad was born in 1977 and grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania. His father is a used car salesman, his mother takes care of the children at home.


From an early age, he turns out to be a very intelligent and detail-orientated child, characteristics that will be precious in the future.

Chad spends his free time in front of the computer and on the television, like most of the boys of his generation. But Chad also has a great talent for art and, when he’s not in front of the television or the PC, he loves to paint.

At school, he stands out for his artistic abilities, and during high school, he exhibits his paintings along the street, on the sidewalk in front of the house.

Passers-by stop to admire the talent of the young artist and someone is willing to buy a painting.

This is how Chad made his first money and began to dream of being able to make a living from art. After graduation, the family encourages him to go to a university and look for a “serious” job.

Chad Hurley attended Twin Valley High School in Elverson, Berks County, Pennsylvania during his school career and completed his undergraduate degree in 1995 from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his BA in Fine Arts.

While there, he was an outstanding runner in the school’s cross-country program and became a member when he won two of its “PIAA State” Titles in 1992 and 1994.

During his high school days, Hurley was also a member of the career and student organization called the Technology Student Association.


Chad Hurley and friend

Meanwhile, PayPal becomes a startup offering an online payment system.


Paypal was founded by Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Max Levchin. In 2002, was it acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion.


PayPal hires Chad Hurley as an interface designer. Its mission is to improve the usability of the website and application.


Chad quickly made a name for himself within the company and, in 2003, was named PayPal’s Director of User Experience.


In 2004, however, Chad Hurley left PayPal for a new job at eBay.




Photographer taking a picture

In these companies, Chad partners with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who later became his partners to create YouTube in 2005.

In 2005 Chad Hurley and his two friends decided to create a new website, called YouTube.

The idea stems from the need to share videos online quickly and easily.

YouTube is initially used by users who share home videos, but in a short time, it becomes famous all over the world.


In 2006 YouTube was acquired by Google at a price of $1.65 billion.


Chad Hurley and friend

After the sale of YouTube to Google, Chad continued his career in the field of commerce without inventing an original idea such as that of the social network.

MixBit is another creation of Chad Hurley. It is a program that manages video editing using a smartphone combining the functions of different social media.


The application was sold in 2018 to BlueJeans and is now called Zeen.

In June 2011, Hurley announced the birth of MixBit, an iPhone app that allows users to record and share short videos. He was also co-founder of the fast-food restaurant chain LAXart.

In November 2013, Hurley and Chen received the “Person of the Year” award from Time magazine for their creation of YouTube. In March 2014, Hurley entered Forbes’ list of 1000 most influential in the world.

Hurley currently resides in San Francisco. In May 2018, Chad Hurley was named CEO of Magnolia Pictures.

In 2019, Hurley co-founded the online game company Honeygain, with a valuation of $1 million.


Chad Hurley is an example of a person who has never been satisfied and has always kept looking for new opportunities.

After the success of YouTube, Hurley continued to invest in new ideas and projects, always experimenting with new technologies.

His career is a clear example of how we must never stop at the first conquests but we must always continue to work to improve.

You know when we are children: what do we do?

We are curious and we experience everything that comes our way. Then as we grow up we also learn skills to build and design. This is what the human being does.

Too often, however, for fear of failure and of being made fun of by others, we pit this incredible faculty for which we are, what we are, with a brain and intelligence superior to any other human being.

Chad has the urge of a child to still create and carry out new projects.

He is like Lebron James, at the end of his career, returning to watch and play with friends on the street court to train himself to make new shots at the net as a master.


It is obvious that this is another area, in which the physique and abilities are gradually decreasing. The mind, on the other hand, always remains brilliant.

Therefore it is only by getting back into the game from scratch, always, without being afraid of losing honor or money, that we keep ourselves active and can become entrepreneurs or carry out large projects at work.

Keep dreaming and don’t stop making big plans.

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