It is stupid to fear artificial intelligence and robots. They will improve your life in a crazy way


Photo created with artificial intelligence

Imagine you are in the woods and a gray-brown wolf appears in front of you, and you are scared. Yet it is rare for a wolf to attack a man and injure him.


This is the same feeling most people have about robots or artificial intelligence.


But they are wrong.


We are indeed facing technological revolutions, but they will make our lives better.


For example, some people believe that we will be out of work because of robots, but it is bullshit, they can be dismantled easily.


The reality is quite the opposite. Just like with wolves; for years we were told stories that wolves were mean to men.


This created prejudice. The same happened with robots in Hollywood movies, and now society has got the wrong idea.


Many people are terrified of a mixed man-machine society. They think we will no longer be able to make distinctions.


This is bullshit. But let’s start from the beginning.


I’ll explain the reasons why you should be happy because there will be more robots and objects that go along with artificial intelligence.




One thing is certain, there will be some information.


I’ll give you an example. In Italy, marble is extracted from the mountains, as you may already know. The most famous artists from around the world have used it to make extraordinary works of art.


Think of Canova’s “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”, the Tower of Pisa, or Michelangelo’s Pietà in Rome.


I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur and I know the economic reality of this precious material.


Marble is also used to make floors, walls, or stairs. Once it was cut with diamond discs and wires. A method that is used even now. But now we also have a new innovative way to cut it.


The new technology consists of cutting it with a very powerful water jet that cuts like a laser. it’s done with a robotic arm.


This new technology has not reduced the jobs in that sector. On the contrary, it has created new opportunities. Now it is possible to do even more difficult jobs with precision.


This means that companies equipped with these new technological tools can respond to greater market demands, consequently having more orders and new customers.


The same thing will happen in the industry when AI spreads, as it happened to robots.


AI will create new job opportunities; greater than those lost.

Bearded man playing chess with a robot

In fact, the jobs will change. Many low-level and repetitive tasks will disappear because they will be done by machines.

But the forecasts are positive.

“In Europe, statistical institutes predict an increase of more than 1.7 million digital jobs needed by 2030.”

The great thing is, there will be higher-level jobs. More rewarding for those with remarkable knowledge and skill requirements.

So if by any chance you were worried, you don’t have a reason to be. Robots and AI will improve the lives of your children too.


I want to share this news.

Soon West Africa will launch a power plant using artificial intelligence.

It was a joint venture created between the Swiss company Xcell Security House and Finance and the American Beyond Limits.

They announced that;

“It will be a more efficient power plant than one without AI, with greater productivity and greater environmental protection.”

This is what it will entail:

· “Nothing we build is designed to replace a person.” – said Michael Krause, senior manager at Beyond Limits.

People will have to make the decisions, artificial intelligence will only remove the trivial part. In this way, managers will focus more on added value.”

· According to McKinsey&Company, artificial intelligence and digitalization can increase productivity by up to 20%.

And reduce maintenance costs by 10%.

· Beyond Limits and NVIDIA are using artificial intelligence to identify the best locations for their natural gas wells.

A process that, according to them, will improve the net present value of these resources by 10%. How? The time to place a well is reduced from months to hours, making a company millions of dollars and thus creating a faster return on the investment.

At the same time, technology can locate the best CO2 injection points in depleted fields. By limiting expenses and reducing environmental costs.

It is a good step forward. For these reasons, I think it is stupid to continue to be afraid of Artificial Intelligence and robots.

Many sectors will benefit from this qualitative leap, from teaching to healthcare. Especially those strictly related to man.

But we must be very careful.

Woman holding a daisy in front of a robotic arm



There is a group within the European government that has made some interesting considerations.


I am talking about the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). A couple of years ago they were visiting the technological centers of the Finnish capital, Helsinki.


During this time in Helsinki, there was an EESC conference on artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital services for the well-being of citizens.


This is what the member of the Economic Committee, Franca Salis-Madinier, explained on that occasion:


“All artificial intelligence products can bring great benefits, but we must not forget that there is a risk that they are dangerous.”




“It all depends on how they are used. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to test and certify them before selling them.”


Nobody, not even the experts, has the slightest doubt that robots and AI will make our life easier.


The only doubt is about the regulations imposed on companies. But this happens with every novelty. Like happened with weapons, for example.


Weapons are very dangerous but people can buy them.
In some states, maybe too easily compared to countries like in Europe.


But everything is under control.


The challenge for us related to these new technologies is how to regulate and control them so they don’t become a problem for us.


To conclude, here is another statement by a member of the European Committee;


“We need a branding for trustworthy AI companies, based on values.”




“It would create a competitive advantage, that would increase consumer confidence; people would be able to recognize trustworthy businesses and products.”


And I hope that it will become reality.


Now if you want to have fun, be amazed, and discover some absurd things follow my Twitter profile


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite



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