Everyone is focused on the Metaverse, but it is augmented reality that will really have a future


Snapchat's Spectacles 4 glasses

As much as virtual reality has grabbed the headlines recently, it is the greater reality that is likely to have a more lasting future. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about his goal of creating a “Metaverse” – an all-digital environment where humans can interact – but companies like Snapchat are focusing on using augmented reality to improve the physical world around us.

A technology most appreciated by many. It will not make us completely abandon the physical world – in the moment of use. Phenomenon that already happens with social media and with the Metaverse would be even greater.

This is just one of the reasons augmented reality could really attract more interest in people and companies.

There is a rift between Metaverse and Augmented Reality fans. I do not rule out that the latter may prevail, at least in the short term.

What will happen in 20 years, only Merlin the Wizard will know.

Because technology never ceases to amaze us and improve or upset my life every year.


close up of spectacle 4 lens

As I said above, while Meta’s vision for the future tries to immerse people in a completely digital environment through virtual reality, augmented reality allows us to digitally improve our real environment.


Augmented reality first landed among us with the Pokemon game. Maybe you remember the kids who went around the city looking for all the characters in this game. They could only see Pokemon on their cell phone, moving in the squares and on the streets.


“At Snapchat, we really love the real world and are thinking about how to make it better, not how to get people away from it.”


This was explained by Qi Pan, head of Snap for computer vision technology.


However, it does not imply that the two technologies are mutually exclusive and that only one of them will be successful in predicting our future.


“I think there are still situations in which the Metaverse will have its usefulness,” explained Qi Pan.


“For example, it will offer the possibility to people who are very distant from each other to find themselves in a shared environment and live common experiences.”


Similarly, even the smartphone could continue to exist:


“Our goal is to become the leading platform in the field of augmented reality and allow our users to no longer look at the world through a phone, but directly through a pair of glasses,” the head of Snap said.


“Rather than replacing the smartphone, however, we will probably face a transition in which these two technologies will integrate, and in which there will still be situations in which it will be easier to use the rectangular shape of the smartphone.”



man wearing spectacle 4 glasses

One of the places where augmented reality is making great strides, and has already begun to be used on a mass scale, is in factories and other industrial environments.


The potential applications are many and varied: from the possibility of seeing patterns or instructions superimposed directly on the object on which you are working, to the possibility of having a virtual assistant that helps with more complex tasks.


“In industrial environments, augmented reality can be used to support workers in their daily tasks and make their work faster and easier. For example, you can see how to assemble a product by looking at an image that is superimposed on the piece that it’s working on.”


Another use is to project a video of the person training you on how to do a task. This is very useful because it allows you to see the person and the tasks they are performing in real time.


It is also possible to superimpose images of the finished product on the object you are working on, so that you have a better idea of the final result.


There are already companies that are using augmented reality in their factories.


For example, Boeing has a project called “The Future of Work” that uses augmented reality to help workers assemble parts of the plane.



Metaverse on Ipad screen

Augmented reality is also gaining momentum in the world of education . With the advent of programs like Google Expeditions, it is now possible for students to explore different parts of the world, or even other planets, without having to leave the classroom.


“With Google Expeditions, you can go on a virtual tour and visit places like the Great Wall of China or the interior of a volcano.”


You can also explore other planets, like Mars, and see what it would be like to walk on its surface.


More applications that use augmented reality in education, for example, could be used to help students learn the anatomy of the human body.


“It could also be used to help students learn history. For example, they could see what ancient Rome was like or what medieval Europe was like.”




Although augmented reality has been around for a few years, it has only begun to make its way into the consciousness of the general public in the last year or so, with the release of products like Snapchat’s Spectacles 4.


The Spectacles are sunglasses with a built-in camera that records video. You can then send the video to your friends.


At the moment, Snapchat is the leading company in augmented reality technology. One of their latest products, Spectacles 4, allows you to record videos with glasses and then share them on Snapchat.


With Spectacles 4, you can record videos with glasses and then share them on Snapchat.


The videos are recorded in a circular format, which gives them a more natural look.


The glasses also have a built-in microphone, so you can also record audio.


But…. “Unlike previous (and failed) versions of Spectacles, this new edition has not been made available for sale, but is only given to a select group of engineers for testing.”


What are these capabilities, exactly?


The glasses already allow us to superimpose flowery meadows on the floor of our home and see digital butterflies perch on our hand, project the solar system inside a room, escape from zombies emerging from walls, paint digital graffiti on real walls, and other similar activities.


Having these virtual add-ons allow us to keep doing things in our routine like working the gym and going to the bar but with a number of add-ons that can improve life.


These are some of the potentialities that augmented reality has compared to the Metaverse.


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