There is a Way to Always Beat Someone Who Evaluates You at a Job Interview: Training With Artificial Intelligence


It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is making tremendous progress and becoming more powerful every day. It should come as no surprise, then, that AI is proving to be more effective than humans when it comes to preparing for job interviews.


AI can not only help us learn the right answers to potential interview questions, but also how to communicate them in the best possible way.


This not only gives us a better chance of getting the job we want (I’ll tell you what percentage later), but it also makes the whole process a lot less stressful.


There are already a number of university and research institute projects around the world that are developing algorithms specifically designed to help train you for job interviews.


I’ll describe a few to show you how many possibilities you may have missed… One of them is simply used with Alexa or Google Assistant.




The first project I present to you is Job Interview Simulator: it was developed by a team from the University of California, Irvine.


The simulator is designed to help people prepare for job interviews by giving them the opportunity to practice answering a series of questions in a simulated environment.


“The simulator works by taking data from real job interviews and using it to create a virtual environment that replicates the experience as closely as possible.”


This means that users can not only practice answering questions, but they can also get feedback on their performance and learn what mistakes they should avoid making in a real interview.



Another program that aims to help people prepare for work is called “AI-enabled Interview Preparation Platform”


This was developed by researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.


This platform uses artificial intelligence to help users prepare to answer questions in a performing way.


It also provides feedback on their performance and suggesting ways to improve.


The platform works by first analyzing a user’s responses to a series of interview questions. It then uses this data to create a customized training program that is tailored to the user’s needs.


This program includes tips on how to improve user communication skills, as well as tips on how to beat the competition in a job interview.


AI is not only proving to be more effective than humans when it comes to preparing for job interviews, it is also getting better at predicting which candidates are most likely to be successful.


“Indeed, some AI algorithms are now able to accurately predict a candidate’s chances of being hired in 70% of cases.”


So, if you’re looking to improve your chances of getting the job you want, it’s time to start training with AI. It’s the only way to make sure you always beat those who rate you.



Human methods are not so effective because they do not take into account all the factors that an AI would take.


Can analyze data from past interviews to create a more accurate simulation of what the interview process will look like.


The AI can also give feedback on how well a user did in a mock interview, and suggest ways to improve.


AI is also very good at predicting which candidates are most likely to succeed in a job interview.




An AI can help you prepare for job interviews by giving you feedback on your performance.


It can also help you improve your communication skills.


AI can predict which types of candidates are most likely to succeed in a job interview. Then try to figure out if you fit into it or not.


. In one case you can discard that interview and focus on others. Or try to strengthen your weaknesses by always having the machine help you.




AI can also help reduce stress levels, as it allows people to practice in a safe environment.


It can also help people to become more confident as they will be better prepared for the interview process.


AI can also help people save time and money, as they will not need to attend expensive coaching courses or workshops.




Adecco was developed by a select group dealing with human resource management. It can be used by interacting with Alexa and Google’s voice assistants.


It is the first of its kind:


“A sort of virtual personal trainer that subjects the candidate to a series of questions and tests to prepare for an interview”.


“Our goal was to develop a tool capable of helping candidates to acquire adequate awareness and preparation”, explains Davide De Carolis, Head of Brand Management & Communications of the Adecco Group.


«We have found, in fact, that one of the most critical moments in the search for a job opportunity is precisely that of preparing for the interview. With this feature, we want to support both those taking their first steps in the world of work and those who are already in the market but want to embark on a new path ».




Prima gives useful advice and suggestions for interviews, both in-person and remotely.


Then starts asking logic quizzes and questions recruiters might ask you.


In the third step, you can practice answering open-ended questions to get used to processing the answers. In this phase, the candidate is asked six motivational and behavioral questions.


“Why did you look for a job in this industry after completing your studies?” Is one of these questions you might hear yourself answering …


Honestly not the ones we ask in our company. I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur and I am very careful in evaluating people.


It’s worth a lot to me to understand what person I’m dealing with. And I am certainly not convinced by just a nice curriculum made up of many big words and masters …


Anyway I want to introduce myself, this is me here in the picture

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