Electric scooters should not be used. It is useless to use green energy if we break our heads


Electric scooter handlebars

Hey buddy, what’s up?

Many use scooters as if they were Iron Man, flying recklessly among the buildings and cars of the city.

Well, they don’t fly for real, but you get the point.

I’m talking about electric scooters. They are now trendy and everyone wants it, but the truth is that it is very dangerous.

I will not buy it for my son, I would feel crazy doing it.

I am not saying that no one should use scooters, because they also have advantages; but I have my idea, follow me and I’ll explain it to you.

I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur. If I decide to support something, it is because I have been well informed before.


Did you know that according to an American study, published by JAMA Surgery, scooters cause more injuries than bicycles?

Imagine two families of four, one goes for a bike ride and the other goes for a scooter ride.

Probably when they get home, a member of the first family will have fallen:

· If he was lucky, he would only have a scratch on his knee.

· If he was unlucky he would have a head injury and end up in the hospital.

This statistic certainly does not take into account those who wheelies with the bike 😉

As a kid I used to go crazy with the bike, in fact, my legs are still full of scars.



Researchers from the University of San Francisco analyzed hospitalizations caused by scooters between 2014 and 2018. And you know what?

“Total number of scooter accidents increased by 222%, hospitalizations by 315%.”

You may think, “Well, this is because more and more people are using them.” It’s true, but…

“Nearly a third of scooter owners have had head trauma; the risk is triple compared to bicycling.”

Drawing the conclusions, the bicycle is perhaps less cool, but at least it doesn’t break your bones.

However, many American states have made the scooter legal:


· Some forcing minors to wear helmets

· while other states only recommend it

I think it’s bullshit. They don’t give the right importance. Listen to these other data and you will understand.

I analyzed them with a very good cup of coffee in my hand. I think it’s nice to read and drink hot coffee. I do this also when I work a lot on the laptop.


To confirm my thinking is the study by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which says

“In 2019, less than 5% of the injured wore a helmet.”

two people riding electric scooter

Well, my opinion is that you should use this fucking helmet.


In addition, people should be given some road education. It would avoid trouble and extra work for doctors and nurses.


Sorry, but have you ever seen war without a helmet? I know I’m exaggerating, you go on a scooter for fun not to invade other countries, but you get the point.


And even Iron Man has some kind of helmet. He is invincible but he protects his head 🙂


So if you love the environment and you don’t want to pollute and you use an electric vehicle, how can you not love yourself first?


Researchers are telling us also that;


“Helmets can reduce the risk of serious head injuries by more than 50%.”


For me there is a saying; Prevention is better than cure!


Instead, I see a lot of people who believe that the scooter is a toy and therefore, that it is not dangerous. Maybe that’s not your case but the data does not lie.


So here’s my idea.



Two women on scooter, have helmets so they don't break their heads

They should do as Italy did with the scooters.


You know the legendary Italian Vespa Piaggio? I know it’s beautiful. She made history and is a symbol of my nation. I have one too.


Always it lights with your foot pushing the crank. But you have 70’s brakes. That means that it is dangerous, but I use it only for historical rallies.




Wasps are 50 modern two-wheelers but are not rotten, and are quieter and lighter. We call them “scooters” or mopeds.


I’m talking about the least powerful little ones of all. They reach 45 kilometers per hour of speed. A little more than scooters.


Even children aged 14 and over can drive them: until a few years ago they could take them without a license.


Even in the 90s, adults could use them even without a helmet; it’s crazy.


Then here’s what happened: The institutions have understood that people’s lives come first, not mobility or electric and sustainable mobility; otherwise, it’s bullshit.


“So first they imposed the obligation to wear a helmet, and for some years minors have had to pass a theoretical and practical driving test.”


That way you put fewer wild Iron Man on the street and more people who know how to drive and use the helmet!


Otherwise, they take a pretty hefty fine!


This system would make everyone safe. In fact…

man on the electric scooter



A study of two Los Angeles hospitals between 2017 and 2018 tells us they had 249 more patients.


“They were pedestrians hit by scooters, or scooter riders ended up on the ground or against a car.”


So if someone is unable to ride a scooter it can affect others as well.


Imagine walking with your daughter/son. You hold him by the hand, and suddenly a scooter hits him at 25 kilometers per hour.


I think it is best to avoid these dangers as much as possible. And the only way is that states must take the two aspects mentioned above seriously.


Let’s sum it up:


· Helmets are a must, for everyone.

· Driving license is mandatory for all


In this way, electric scooters respect the environment, because they don’t pollute, but also respect people that avoid breaking their heads.


This way I would buy it for my son too 🙂


Now if you want to smile, be positively shocked and discover some absurd things follow my Twitter profile. Click here: https://twitter.com/SirNickNite It will become one of the craziest and most followed profiles on Twitter.


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite



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