Despite Being One Of The Co-founders Of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz Forfeited His Executive Rights In The Company To Start Another Establishment.


Dustin Moskovitz Forfeited His Executive Rights In The Company

You would be blown away to realize the gravity of the risks successful billionaires had taken in the past. It was not because they were irrational in making decisions, they just knew within themselves that they had to take the leap if they truly wanted to succeed.


This man though chose to do something different. He also took a risk, but he took the risk after he already had a sure ticket to a very promising future.


This man is Dustin Moskovitz. He is one of the co-founders of Facebook, and also the founder and chief executive officer of Asana. Stick with me, as I uncover the stones covering Dustin Moskovitz’s story.

Dustin Moskovitz: EARLY LIFE

On the 22nd of May, 1984, a genius entered the surface of the earth, and the little boy was named Dustin Moskovitz. Dustin Moskovitz became the cute baby of a Father, who was a psychiatrist, and a mother, who was a teacher, and an artist.


Dustin got all the love a little child could get while growing up. This gave him the perfect environment to exercise his brilliance in a unique way. After his primary education, Dustin Moskovitz began his high school education at Vanguard High School.


Dustin Moskovitz was born in Gainesville, Florida. This was where he spent his childhood life, and also his basic and secondary education. Dustin Moskovitz was an intelligent young boy, and he was always up to something that made his parents extremely proud of him.


During Dustin’s days in high school, he was engaged in something quite interesting. He wasn’t the captain of the basketball team, nor was he the star player of the football team.


Dustin Moskovitz was busy building websites in high school. He used to help out other students who had computing issues, and he was good at it.


At that time, Dustin imagined handling the business sector of a technological company. You could say he had more passion for business than he had for technology.


After his high school education, Dustin Moskovitz got admission into the prestigious Harvard University. As expected, his business interest eventually took over. Dustin took up economics as a course of study. At the beginning of his education at Harvard, everything was well and good.


Well, everything was good till Dustin dropped out of Harvard in his second year. Now you might be thinking, “why would anyone drop out of Harvard?” The thing is, Dustin did not realize he was going to drop out at first.


He went on a summer break like every other student. However, Dustin’s break did not seem to have an ending. His time out of school kept on widening, till Dustin realized he was no longer a student of Harvard.


The real question is, what could have kept Dustin Moskovitz away from school for such a long time?


Dustin Moskovitz Forfeited His Executive Rights In The Company

Before Dustin Moskovitz dropped out of Harvard, he met Mark, another genius who is popularly recognized as Mark Zuckerberg. While being dorm mates with Mark, he also met some other like-minds.


During their time in school, an idea sparked up among them. This idea was to develop a server that can be used as an online database directory for their fellow students at Harvard. They worked together to bring this project to life and named it “”


This project was launched in 2004, and it quickly gained popularity among the students of Harvard. Dustin Moskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest of the team were pleased and encouraged when they saw their creations in the hands of literally everyone around.


Due to the wide development of this project, they all needed more time to plan, think and expand. Their strenuous student life at Harvard did not give them the freedom they needed to explore their opportunities, so they had to think of a solution.


Dustin Moskovitz and the team finally came to a decision, if they needed more time, they needed to sacrifice something. They all decided to request a year off school life to focus on their company.


After sorting out school, they moved to California. Although it was not everyone on the team who had the confidence to sacrifice school because of a project they weren’t sure about the future, so they stayed back.


When Dustin settled, he realized there was no way he could mix school with the company anymore, so he made his decision to drop out finally. They started thinking within their capacity about ways to stay relevant in the market.


Little did they know that Facebook was no longer within their shortsighted capacity. Dustin Moskovitz and the team became overwhelmed. Facebook was growing at a faster rate than they had imagined. It was not a question of what they expected, it was a question about how they were going to handle the change.


Dustin and the rest of the team members began taking up roles, this helped the load of work become more manageable. Dustin took up the role of the Chief Technology Officer and also the role of the company’s engineering vice president.


It was all set now. They took it a step at a time. They started employing more brains that shared their vision. Facebook began to outrank many of its competitors. They went on to soar till something happened in 2008.


Dustin Moskovitz Forfeited His Executive Rights In The Company

Despite gaining so much success from the establishment of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz summoned all the courage he had within him to tell Mark Zuckerberg that he was departing from the company in 2008.


What was he thinking? He was already doing good for himself. He was a co-founder of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. So why did he make that decision?


Well, I guess Dustin Moskovitz is proof that you can always set new standards for yourself despite the level of success you have been able to attain.


After Dustin left Facebook, he decided to set up a new company called Asana on the 3rd of October 2008. Moskovitz wanted to create a project that allowed office workers to carry out their duties more efficiently.


Dustin Moskovitz was not crazy when he decided to leave Facebook. He perfectly understood his decision. Dustin figured he had been able to use his skill to help Facebook to a dominating standard.


Instead of choosing to be selfish with his knowledge, he wanted to use it to help other sectors, and this was how Asana came to life.


This decision was not a bad gamble for Dustin Moskovitz. Many would have expected him to regret his decision for quitting Facebook, but that wasn’t exactly the case.


– At Asana, Dustin was able to create a space of trust between every worker in the company.


– Asana won many awards, and in 2020, the company appeared on the listing of the New York Stock Exchange.


– Dustin Moskovitz became recognized as a successful billionaire. In recent times, his net worth has been estimated at $7.2 billion.


Dustin Moskovitz has also been recognized as a philanthropist, and this shouldn’t be a surprise due to his selfless character. While others believed he would have still been better off under Facebook, Dustin refused to be intimidated by their words.


Now, what would you have done in his shoes? Would you have stayed with Facebook, or would you have followed Dustin’s path? Regardless of the answer you’ve chosen, one thing still stands. I’m talking about the important lessons and virtue Dustin has been able to leave for future great minds like you.


– Do not rush. Dustin Moskovitz was a fan of taking things slowly. Once you begin to rush your business, you’d leave out some important details. Even when you have a company that is growing at a fast rate, the only way to deal with being overwhelmed is by taking things easy.


– Have it at the back of your mind to always put your dream before anyone. When you have a vision, own it. Do not plan your future based on another person’s idea.


– Believe in yourself when taking risks. To be honest, you might be in a position where the risk you are about to take does not make sense to anyone. Dropping out of Harvard did not make sense to some people when Dustin did it, but he did it anyway.


Leaving Facebook sounded like a crazy decision to almost everyone else, but Dustin Moskovitz still did it. You really do not need to seek validation from anyone before doing what you want, and what you trust.


– Do not limit your skill. If you believe you can do a whole lot more than you are currently doing, then do more. Success never ends, just as numerous opportunities are waiting out there for you to grab.


If you find yourself in a position where your skills are not at their full potential, and you decide to leave it like that, then you might just be filled with regrets later in life.


If there was an award for the bravest billionaire, I would have given it to Dustin Moskovitz. Not only did he prove that he was a tech genius by his immense contribution to Facebook, but he also proved that he could always be a genius at what he does as many times as he wanted.


I’d leave you to think about what you would have done in Dustin’s shoes, and also to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from the story of this inspiring personality.


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