Don’t Call Yourself A Driver Unless You Know These 9 Secrets


Don’t Call Yourself A Driver Unless You Know These 9 Secrets

You certainly won’t become Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher, or Ayrton Senna. If you don’t know what I’m about to teach you, you are missing some important basics.


I’m not saying that you are a driving hazard. But it’s not a great thing to drive around without knowing certain tips that can make a difference.


I will explain to you the most efficient way to use the air conditioning in the summer, or how you can get out of the mud or sand when you are stuck.


Even if you’re an experienced driver, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few extra tips you didn’t know before.


Let’s get straight to the point…let’s start with these helpful tips that will make you feel safer in any situation and ready for any weather condition.




You have probably had to pass another car on a narrow road. It would be better not to do it but you are in a hurry to get to your destination.


You try and then you realize that you don’t have enough space to pass safely.


It happens!


“There is only one smart solution. Brake gently, let the car you were passing go forward, and put yourself back in the lane behind it ”.


Don’t worry if the driver next to you glares. Don’t worry if you think you’ve made a fool of yourself. Think about your safety: giving up passing is the wisest choice you could have made.

Don’t Call Yourself A Driver Unless You Know These 9 Secrets



There are two accessories that will help you live longer, your wipers. So when there are heavy rains they will always work well. In favor of you having a perfect view. Don’t, underestimate all these tips.


First of all, once thawed from the extreme cold, you need to move the wipers so that they do not freeze on the glass. Lift them up and leave them up overnight.


Second, be very careful never to use the wipers on dry glass. They are made to run on a wet surface. Plus, you will avoid hearing unpleasant noises.

Don’t Call Yourself A Driver Unless You Know These 9 Secrets



We would all like to live at the perfect temperature in a climate bubble Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.


Heated seats, air conditioning and more. A thousand comforts and many wonder if there is a limit …


So as for the heater and air conditioner, you have to use them in moderation.


Imagine it is a hot summer day. You start the car, it’s been in the sun for hours.


“The air conditioning system accumulates toxic substances: I don’t think you want to inhale. So first, get rid of the hot air in a natural way, before getting into the car, then after a few miles turn on anything you want “.


You will save your health and save fuel. So the air conditioning compressor won’t put more stress on the engine.




What if instead of the sultry heat, you have a colder problem…ice. You live in an area where the seasons are marked by intense winters, where it often snows.


The most likely thing is that air conditioning is used only in the summer. Maybe you make the mistake of keeping it off all winter.


“If you are one of these motorists, you should know that by doing this you may not be able to turn it on in the summer. Because it doesn’t work anymore. So use the air conditioning every now and in the cold seasons “.


The same goes for the heating: you have to turn it on for at least 30 seconds, even in the summer months.


Don’t Call Yourself A Driver Unless You Know These 9 Secrets



This is an electrical matter. I’m pretty sure no one has ever taught you this trick. Especially your trusted mechanic. Maybe even he doesn’t even know this one.


When it’s minus 10 ° F outside, and you get into your vehicle: don’t try to start it right away.


First turn the key to start your car, turn on the high beams for 3-5 seconds.


This process will allow current to flow through the system and help the motor start faster.




Maybe you think that you will never slide off the side of the road… the wheel gets stuck and the car won’t go forward or backward.


This can happen so easily. A sudden wave of bad weather. Wrong road or someone dumped something on the street.


In short, in case you get stuck in mud, sand, or snow, don’t panic.


Remember that there is always a way out. I assure you that it is always there even in that moment when your problem-solving ability is lost.


“You can deflate the tires and let half of the air rise to increase the area they occupy on the ground. It will give you more grip and your car will undoubtedly start moving again ”.


Once out of the spot, you can go at low speed to the first gas station where they will reinflate your tires.




Here is valuable advice concerning a situation that has probably happened to you.


I mean when you drive down a narrow narrow road and there is a line of cars coming towards you, pay attention to their wheels.


If you think a driver is going to turn to either side, do not wait for him to put on the turn signals.


Check carefully if the wheels begin to make the turn. You’ll know right away he wants to make that turn.




For maximum performance it is best if you keep the remote control separate from the rest of the keys.


Always carry it in your pocket, separate from the keys. Also, don’t activate the alarm for fun, just because your baby or your brother’s son likes that noise and you want to make him laugh.


You will only lose out on the efficiency of your anti-theft remote control.




Everyone sees at some point that the windshield needs cleaning. You notice some nice pigeon droppings, or you went into that damn muddy puddle and you no longer have a good view.


But few pay attention to the details that guarantee cleanliness and functionality to your car.


For example, your side windows have a black rubber finish that you will probably forget to clean. If you don’t clean them routinely they dry up. Or if you touch them they dye your hand black and stain the window.


This includes the side rubbers for closing the door which ensures that your passenger side is waterproofed and insulated for the outside temperature.


Wel.l with this I have finished the valuable tips to make you feel like a real motorist. A safe driver in all respects, who knows how to keep his car in efficient-running order.


I greet you with this photo, so you can see who I am….



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