Which Digital Platforms Are Marketers Planning to Invest in 2023?


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What will investment marketing look like in 2023? On which platforms will foreign marketers invest the most money?


For which digital services will the budgets be reduced? Is investment in TikTok growing and what will happen to the budget for AI services?


The year 2023 will be very interesting in terms of investment in marketing, considering that this year we have a significant increase in interest in AI services.


Many are hinting that artificial intelligence will change a large part of the marketing profession – but what exactly it will look like is not yet clear to anyone.


What is clear to everyone is that the year 2023 is upon us and advertising budgets must be clearly allocated to various platforms.


In a large survey conducted among numerous marketing experts – interesting results were obtained. Here’s what marketers will be investing in in 2023:




Most businesses and marketing professionals feel that the marketing spend will remain relatively unchanged from past years.


As a general, this signifies that marketing investments will stay roughly the same as in past years, indicating that a very excellent business year is on the way.


Marketing funds are sometimes the first to be reduced when a crisis is on the horizon. Marketers are announcing increases in marketing spending for B2B (business-to-business) advertising.


As a result, many businesses may seek to increase their promotional and advertising spending in order to better position themselves for the targeted major clientele.




The data that TV and radio advertising budgets will be cut by more than 70 percent of companies sounds a bit unbelievable.


So, as many as 70 percent of companies and marketing experts in 2023 want to reduce the budgets they invest in advertisements on television and radio stations.


Although this type of marketing has so far been very high on the global scale – it seems that we are entering a new era of advertising that will be “disastrous” for TV and radio.


Such a development of the situation should not surprise us at all considering that the number of TV and radio users is decreasing year by year.


Today, people don’t even listen to the radio in the car anymore, but play their own music or some audio books. Also, attention to TV content is decreasing because in the sea of streaming services – fewer and fewer people follow classic TV stations.


At the same time, even when people are watching a program on TV, they often have their heads and eyes on their smartphones. On top of all that, the success of TV and radio advertising results is very difficult to track – resulting in half-assed results.




According to research, many marketing professionals still place a high value on influencers, and expenditures for that section of advertising will not be significantly reduced.


That is, most marketers will maintain expenditures equal to past years, while the percentage of Influencers who will raise and decrease costs is approximately even.


As a result, the popularity of Influencers should continue to rise this year, as it has in previous years.


It will be fascinating to observe which social networks advertisers will put the most money into.


There has been a huge decrease in marketing funds invested on Facebook and Instagram.


More than half of marketers would cut their spending on Instagram and Facebook, while only a little more than 10% will raise their expenditures for Instagram and Facebook.


YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest will continue at around the same levels as in prior years, with no impact on these networks’ expenditures.


TikTok and LinkedIn are unquestionably the two social media winners. About 60% of marketing professionals are willing to boost their investment in LinkedIn’s business network.


Curiously, LinkedIn was a social network that existed “under the radar” for a long time before exploding in recent years – and it is now regarded as one of the most wanted social networks in the corporate sector.


But, much greater outcomes than LinkedIn – is expecting the popular TikTok. Marketing gurus are drawn to the social network that has taken the globe by storm in recent years.


As a result, more than 80% of marketers plan to boost their investment in TikTok. This year, TikTok appears to be the most popular network for marketing professionals.




Content marketing has been a staple of marketing strategies for many years and it continues to be a priority for businesses. In fact, research has shown that investment in content creation is set to grow significantly this year.


According to marketing experts, more than 80% of them are prepared to increase their budgets for the creation of quality marketing content in 2023.


This increase in investment is likely due to the rising popularity of video content. Video has become a must-have content format on the internet, with more and more people consuming video content than ever before.


This means that businesses must invest in video creation to keep up with the trend and stay relevant to their audience.


Texts, photographs, and audio recordings are other key forms that corporations will develop in the future. These various formats enable organizations to reach out to diverse parts of their target audience and respond to their various tastes.


To attract and engage their audience, firms must provide high-quality content. Great content is educational, interesting, and enhances the user experience.


It may also help firms develop their industry authority and generate trust with their target audience.


SEO is another huge topic that has been on marketing gurus’ radar for years. The concept of quality positioning on Google and other search engines has never been more important.


Quality search engine users are generally valuable clients who are interested in what you have to offer.


Curiously, many individuals expect that online search engines will face major challenges in 2023 since AI (artificial intelligence) would undoubtedly modify some people’s routines.


Yet, marketing experts think that Google, Bing, and other search engines may solve this issue and increase earnings for businesses and small manufacturers.


As a result, over 70% of experts expect to boost their SEO expenditure in 2023.



digital platforms, Invest in 2023, marketers

It’s hard to believe that virtually all of the top marketing experts said they intend to invest money and experiment with AI techniques in 2023.


It is done specifically with artificial intelligence techniques, which should speed up and simplify the process of developing great material.


As a result, practically all marketing gurus are willing to invest in such technologies to test whether they can get a major advantage over the competition. It is presently uncertain what they will invest in.


The reasons marketers will invest in AI products are widely established.


To begin with, many of them feel that investing in AI technologies would result in the automation of marketing content development, which will result in considerable cost savings in the future.


Also, the time necessary to create fresh material should be significantly decreased.


Finally, the use of AI technologies may eliminate the necessity for repeated labor and employees who are overburdened with basic jobs.


All of this should eventually lead to us producing better marketing material for less money and resources – stuff that consumers will like.


Investments in AI technologies have begun, but the complete results will be shown only in the future.


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