Your CV is now rated by artificial intelligence. Write it like this; recruiting algorithm proof


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The image of a well-dressed, severe man or woman with a bit of haste, sifting through their curriculum vitae is now a scene from the past. Today there are “smart” algorithms that select candidates.

They are less empathetic and have only one task; make a nice skimming of the CVs that are given to it.

All this is perhaps a bit sad and discouraging but this is the reality today, especially if you are going to apply for very large companies. This is the recruiting 4.0.

You better adapt quickly. Because the machine is able to perform routine activities or to process a large amount of information in a very short time. It doesn’t pay attention to romantic details and speeches.

If you manage with your CV to stay within those parameters and emerge from the scan then you will pass the test, otherwise you will be rejected like most of the candidates.

Here I give you excellent tips to follow and apply to stay within the very severe AI radar.

There is no turning back; companies use the recruiting algorithm because it allows them to achieve optimal results with the use of limited resources. Less than what would be needed if this activity were done by a person.


Employer reading CV

There are two systems usually used for the selection of candidates with artificial intelligence:


– Selective screening of the CV

– And the so-called “big data recruitment.”


The first is used by companies that are looking for new figures to perform an automated screening of CVs to choose those most similar to a given model. Obviously the model is chosen by the company.


In this case, for example, the employer wants to have a homogeneity of values or conduct among employees. Or he realized that those profiles are the ones that work the most for his company.


“The AI system is trained with the CVs of employees already hired in order to select the profiles that are closest (in terms of training and character traits) to those of current workers.”


By big data recruitment, on the other hand, we mean the use of predictive and probabilistic models.


They can be used to identify in advance and in a probabilistic way – but with a high degree of certainty – if a certain event will occur.


“For example, the recruiting algorithm could identify which candidate will achieve the most professional success and which, on the contrary, will resign first.”


The company’s goal is therefore to choose the most suitable person to fill a specific role, allowing the maximization of business productivity.



Confused smiley face on screen

This will likely put you in anger and indignation. But we are in the era of Big Brother and therefore all this is inevitable.


But pretending that it doesn’t happen is useless. If maybe this is your case, start by facing the harsh reality.


In fact, some companies used artificial intelligence to make a profiling of the candidate’s soft skills through the study of behavior on social networks.


What does this have to do with CVs?


Nothing. But it means that from now on you must have an extra eye on the use of your social networks.


And I’ll tell you what the algorithm does;


“It studies the contents published by the applicant on social networks to reconstruct the psychological profile of the latter.”




“In particular it focuses on everything that brings out the emotional and character aspects of the candidate and to make a personality profile.”


But these are just a few examples of the applications of the recruiting algorithm and artificial intelligence to the personnel selection activity.


The major use of the algorithm remains the recruiting process; the moment of “reading” the CV which becomes automated.


So let’s see how to write an AI-proof CV.




Women whose CV was chosen by artificial intelligence

If you follow these tips below, you will undoubtedly have more opportunities to make the computer like your resume and it will analyze it on behalf of someone.


1. Use keywords. Choose those that have an association with the requirements indicated in the job offer.


This is because there are programs used to “search” within the CV for key terms that indicate the possession of requirements or skills considered important by recruiters.


2. Indicates previous professional experiences in a precise manner, with clearly identifiable duties. Eliminate neologisms or improper terms.


The algorithm recognizes the words chosen during the programming phase at the behest of the company that requested its use.


3. Use a simple and straightforward format for drafting the CV.


An eccentric layout or rich in graphic elements could make it more difficult or hinder the analysis by the software.


4. Don’t put important information in headers and footers; the algorithm does not see the information contained in those spaces on the page.


5. Do not insert tables, text boxes, columns in the CV. The software cannot decrypt the information contained in these sections of text.


6. Do not insert images in the structure of the CV. And not even accents or special characters.


They are a problem for the screening algorithm, and it may not be able to decipher them.


7. Don’t add a personal description that is catchy or has a particular cut; it does not serve much, and it does not catch the attention of the artificial machine.


The characteristics of the candidate are traced back to an aseptic check-list of skills. To “catch the attention” of the algorithm, it may be useful to enter a simple personal description.


And with that my recommendations are over.


But I add one last piece of advice. Because once you have prepared your CV with this information you will also have to write a second one.


In fact, this just written will be used for the first skimming as we said AI-proof. The second will serve you for a second phase when you will probably be called to a direct confrontation.


A comparison that will take place this time with a person in flesh and blood. You will take the new paper document with you to deliver it to the company’s human resources staff.


I’m sure it will be very useful to you.


But if you want to have fun knowing absurd information every day, follow my Twitter profile


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite


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