Cars aren’t ready to drive on their own yet. Putting them on the street is dangerous. What if you were on the other side of the lane?



Do you know that in the streets they allow you to circulate crazy bullets? Yes, you got it right, I said bullets.


I made this comparison because those fired from guns do damage, and so could self-driving cars fired at speed. It has already happened in some cases.


Those cars when something is wrong then they can crash anywhere. Against another car, a pedestrian, or a cyclist.


So I wonder why we have to take this risk if self-driving cars aren’t ready for this debut yet.


In 2020, an Arizona judge convicted a taxi driver who had run over and killed a pedestrian in 2018 for manslaughter. He was looking at his cell phone and instead should have remained alert despite self-driving.


This makes us understand that our supervision is needed. So what is autonomous driving for? It’s just a trap.


It is as if your cell phone alarm is not always safe and sometimes it does not ring, and for safety, your wife/husband must be ready to wake you up.


I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur. When our products and services go on sale they are truly ready to be sold.


In the case of self-driving cars, we cannot afford room for error, because we play with people’s lives.


This is the first problem…




I think it is highly likely that you will get distracted if the car drives itself.


Have you ever visited a city with a tour guide? You let yourself be carried around without worrying about where you are and where you will go; you rely on the guide 100%.


Well, it would be as if at some point the guide disappears and you get screwed, in the middle of a forest or in a city, without Google maps.




Basically, either we rely 100% on self-driving cars, or we don’t rely on them.


First, we must have reliable cars with a guide that will never trick you.


The only way is to reach level 5. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain it to you right now.


Car manufacturers have divided car automation into five levels.


· Level 1; Assisted driving

· Level 2; Half autonomous driving

· Level 3; Highly automated driving

· Level 4; Fully automated driving

· Level 5; Autonomous driving


I think we should wait for level 5 before letting self-driving cars on the road.


Because at that point, all elements of human error will be eliminated; the passenger can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


But experts expect this to become a reality over the next ten years. Others are even more pessimistic.


These are the words of Michael Bolle, member of the Bosch board of directors:


“For level 5 of autonomous driving, we will have to wait until the second half of this century, that is, from 2050.”


It’s not quite any time soon. Furthermore, there is a second problem…



View from inside car, driving in the rain

Cars with automated driving do not work in adverse weather conditions.


The challenge for car manufacturers is to achieve perfect automatic driving during snowstorms or rainstorms.




“The sensors are no longer able to perceive the surrounding reality well. Especially for moving things.”


In fact, most of the tests so far have been done in places and with favorable climatic conditions.


Google has taken a few steps forward, but there is still a lot to do.


Fuck how much there is still for engineers to invent! But everyone wants to forge ahead, arrive first and “put the cart before the horse.”


Do you know this saying? “Put the cart before the horse?” In Italy we often say it.


This means that “you’re acting prematurely” or “you are hasty.”


In short, all things are not good. The more these types of cars in the city increase, the more our fear of crossing pedestrian crossings increases.


I was saying about Google;


“It developed a software that allows its cars to determine the severity of the rain and will drive more cautiously when the visibility is poor.”


It is also working on a technology that allows the car to pull over in case the storm gets too heavy.


In early 2016, Ford was the first company to test an automatic-driving car in the snow.


But not without difficulty. Here’s what the last little problem is…



Dangerous self-driving car

Whether all computers that are connected to the network are at risk from hackers. They manage to sneak everywhere.


Data can be stolen, and the system gets messed up.


For example, right now I’m typing quietly on my laptop while I drink a delicious cup of hot coffee. And anything could happen if one of them takes it out on me.


In the same way, self-driving cars are easily accessible to these computer geniuses.


So the automobile sector must first face a second challenge;


IT security.


Without it, self-driving cars are not ready to drive, because they are potential dangers.


“For example, the researchers found a flaw in the Jeep Cherokee’s system; it allowed hackers to shut down the engine while the car was driving.”


Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved.


But it is a weak and very important point for the future scenarios of this technology.


It is as if the pilot of every plane in flight was at risk of an attack; that a passenger can get up at any time to threaten him in the cabin and crash the plane.


Of course, driverless cars are safer (onboard systems) than traditional ones equipped with a wi-fi system, because they already have very complex IT systems.


But traditional vehicles are always driven by a person, so even if they were attacked by a hacker, the risks of accidents or hitting a pedestrian don’t exist.


Having said that, I do not want you to think that I am against this very important evolution.


Being able to ride a car that drives by itself is crazy.


I just think there are still too many uncertainties about automated driving.


All the systems that help us avoid dangers and collisions with other cars are excellent.


But I don’t like deceiving people.


Now if you want to read cool news, be positively amazed, and discover exciting news follow me on Twitter


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite



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