California’s universal income model should be extended to all states to combat poverty.


woman on California's universal income

Do you remember the story of Robin Hood? He is the hero who helps the poorest, those who suffer from hunger.


Today we will talk about something very similar.


Universal income; it serves to help those who risk being left without a roof over their heads and even those who struggle to buy food.


It’s like a lifesaver;


It keeps you afloat when you are at sea and the current carries you away from the shore. You risk drowning. You shout for help but you don’t see a lifeguard in a red shirt ready to rescue you.


If we do not bring universal income to all states, where it is needed, it is an injustice.


For example:


You’re the head of the family, and one of your four children loses his job so you help them with some money. Right? In that way, you haven’t wronged his brothers.


And you did a fucking good thing! That you can proudly tell your fucking friends.


This is what all American states should do with their citizens. Like California. Read on and I’ll explain their idea, and how they entered the future.


Meanwhile, listen here; this is the main reason why there is now a real need for universal income.


“Economists from the University of Notre Dame of Chicago say the newly poor has increased by six million.”


They said it a year ago, and the situation has certainly not improved. The most affected populations are African Americans, Latinos, and their children. But there are many other people as well.


“The numbers are worrying – explained Bruce Meyer, one of the authors of the study – they tell us that there are many people who struggle to pay their bills, pay rent, and even buy food.”


We find such desperate people in all American states. Nobody is excluded.


A solution to help these people must be found. To counter suffering, psychological discomfort, and a poorer society.


If you are thinking that the magic wand exists, I will immediately tell you that it doesn’t exist, and neither do magic pills.


Like the blue ones that little men get when they have erection problems. And boom, with that pill they become invincible like Superman.


Well, I’m not saying we need a solution like this one. However…


With universal income, states can do a lot. They may not fully lift people out of poverty, for example. But they can give them hope.


I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur. I have hired unemployed people, and I have seen the joy on their faces when they start working again.




Meanwhile, I must make a clarification: the cities in California that have already used universal income, have so far succeeded thanks to private donations.


Got it?


Those who support the poor were private citizens and it did not come from public money. In other words, so far the states have not given a damn.


“Stockton was one of the first Californian towns to experiment with universal basic income.”


Over the past two years, the cities of Oakland, Marin County, San Francisco, and Santa Clara County have also joined.

California image

So many are left with problems, unhappy and angry. And these are the other American states.

In these places, there are many unhappy people and children without a future. They are likely to have poor health care and little chance of making their dreams come true.




What is done in Oakland is truly crazy. They help many citizens there. What exactly do they do?


“In Stockton every month (since 2019) the local government pays $500 into the checking account of 125 families who have financial problems.”


In general, it is a basic income that they offer to people in need. It ranges from $500 to $1,000 a month.


To me, it seems revolutionary! Don’t you think so?


It is one of those political innovations comparable to those made with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s.


This is what I think. I thought this while I was drinking a hot cup of coffee. It helps me both to think and to work in front of my laptop.


I say that this novelty rekindles people’s hopes. Do you realize this?


And these cities are helping artists, mothers, and minorities.


In Santa Clara County, for example, they help young people.


Have you ever helped anyone in your life?


I have. Last time, I helped my neighbor. He is an elderly man, very wise and calm. He looks like my grandfather; a big man with white hair and big hands.


We have become good friends. He has hardly any relatives left. And those he has, live far away.


A while ago he injured his leg while working in his garden. For almost three weeks he was stuck at home.


So he asked me if I could do the grocery shopping for him. Well, I was really happy to help him.


And when I saw his smile every time I walked in with bags full of food, it paid me back for everything.


He knew he could count on me, and that made him feel good. I was fine with my selfless gesture.


Now imagine that there are places where there are generous people like me. Every gesture of generosity makes a person happy. This is what California is becoming today.


Instead, imagine that there are other places where people don’t help each other. What happens?

shipping containers off california's coast

They pay $500 a month to 600 families earning below the average family income in Oakland, about $65,000 for a family of four.

“On the other hand, San Francisco is offering $1,000 a month for 130 artists and 150 pregnant women.”

But I’ll tell you two more cases:

1 – Marin County supports 135 women with a low income, with $1,000 a month.

2 – Santa Clara provides $1,000 a month to 72 young foster children.


In Stockton, the mayor conducted an analysis to figure out where that money is going.

It proved that families use money in the right way. They don’t buy beers, popcorn, and video games! Or take holidays at the expense of others!

Here is the proof:

· 37% is used to buy food, only 1% for alcohol.

· “Before universal income, only 28% had a full-time permanent job. In the end, the share rose to 40%.”

· The number of families repaying debts has risen from 52% to 62%.

Now I’ll bring you to what the British economist Guy Standing said. He is a professor of development sociology at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

He was one of the founders of the Basic Income Earth Network. It is a group of professors who care about the idea of a basic income.

Listen to Standing’s words:

“Never as in this moment has it been as necessary to introduce a device that allows a redistribution of wealth aimed at social equity.”

Do you remember what I told you at the beginning about Robin Hood? Well, it’s the same concept mentioned by Standing.

It’s like dealing with some kind of Robin Hood. In fact, universal income helps the poor by removing a little from others who are more fortunate.


Here is the big news. The real turning point.

Last week, California lawmakers approved the first state-funded universal basic income program, with public money.

Now the draft law will be signed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

“California cities and counties can request money from a $35 million fund. It serves precisely to support universal income.”

They will have to take care of young people and pregnant mothers first. What a good thing!

So, we are in front of a positive bomb!

Slowly all American states will also be forced to do the same thing. It is a matter of social equity.

Not doing so means that politicians are indifferent to the poor and their suffering. It would be horrendous!

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Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite


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