It will be cheaper to buy an electric car rather than a petrol or diesel one. Here are 3 good reasons to choose a battery-powered motor


Electric car with battery-powered motor

If you are among the 97.5% of Americans who continue to buy non-electric cars, you need to know a few things. Which proves that owning a battery-powered car is worth it. I’m talking about money.


You have the convenience in part immediately and in part year after year. Then there are other reasons that are a little deeper but you should take them into consideration. Otherwise the burden of bad choices will weigh on our children.


There are countries like Norway that have already understood this: 64% of people buy clean energy cars there.


What are you waiting for? Maybe you can answer me: “That the list prices fall as much as those of the old cars.”


But you are wrong if you look only at those. Meanwhile, the good news is that President Biden signed an order last August to ensure that 50% of new vehicles sold by 2030 are zero emissions. And he’ll drop some money for it.


Biden has enlisted the support of some of the largest auto manufacturers in the world. And he wants to finance this plan with $100 billion in tax incentives for the purchase of fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars.


But now let’s get to the point and I want to tell you what I think and how things really are if you look through the magnifying glass.




Let’s start with the one on which everyone lingers and fills their mouths: In the United States, an average of €28,946 is spent on a motor car (diesel or petrol). For a 42,069 battery-powered machine.


Before writing more data, however, I will give you an example: to make you understand that the initial cost does not say anything if taken alone. Indeed it deceives you.


A few years ago both a friend of mine and I bought the washing machine at the same time.


We confronted each other and while I had bought a washing machine of a rather well-known brand at a higher price (about $700) he had saved by taking a $250 offer.


Again it seems that he has spent less.


Too bad that I still have that washing machine after about 10 years. And he never gave me any problems.


My friend had to replace her in the eighth grade last year. And on two occasions he had to call the technician, first spending $100 and then $150 because he had to change a component.


And I don’t want to consider the expense he had to make on a new washing machine. In addition to the lost time. In addition to the days he was left with accumulated dirty laundry.


A similar reasoning must be made for electric cars. It is not about reliability but about general maintenance and fuel economy.

Electric car with battery-powered motor

Electric cars are clearly a step forward.


“An ordinary electric car consumes 15 kWh per 100km at an average electricity price of $0.30 per kWh.”


A gasoline engine of similar power needs 6 liters per 100 km, at a current average price of gasoline is about $1per liter in the United States.


So for a driving distance of 15,000 kilometers per year…


All of this translates into consumption costs of $675 and $900 for the electric and gasoline cars respectively.


“With a petrol car you spend $225 more per year.”


And the more the kilometers increase, the more the cost.


If you multiply by 10 years that’s 2,250 euros more.


And this is a first saving that you will have missed. Not to mention the fewer taxes that from year to year there will be on clean and non-polluting vehicles.


Now let’s see other aspects…




In addition to federal credits, many states also offer their own incentives for purchasing a new electric vehicle.


I would say that they should be considered in full as a lower cost in the purchase of the car. They are like discounts.


Or like when you go to buy a new pc, headphones or refrigerator, during the black Friday.


But in this case Black Friday is all year long 🙂


Public aid to encourage the ecological transition can be:


– In form of tax credits

– Cash discounts

– Reduction of registration and inspection fees


It depends from state to state.

Electric car with battery-powered motor

For example…


“Anyone who buys an electric car in California can get an immediate cash refund of $2,000.”


Those who take a hydrogen car, on the other hand, are entitled to a tax refund of $4500.


There is a $60,000 car price limit to get this public money.

But this is not the end…


“The federal tax credit combined with the California cash refund program can reduce the actual cost of a new electric vehicle by up to $9,500.”


Let’s take the case of a Nissan Leaf from 2021:


– It has a list price of $31,670.


– After obtaining the federal and Californian incentives the actual cost of this vehicle drops to $22,170.


– And the $2,000 cash refund you get right away when you buy. The other $7,500 as a tax discount.

I think it’s a nice saving…



Electric car with battery-powered motor

The good news is that in the States, sales of electric cars in 2020 have increased compared to 2019.


They went from 1.4% compared to all machines sold to 1.8%.


In 2021 this figure will be between 2% and 2.5% but it is still a very low figure. Especially if you compare it with other Western countries.


“In Europe, for example, 10.5% of citizens who make a new vehicle take it with an electric battery.”


Still in Europe, hybrid ones (petrol and electric engines) reach a share of 19%.


However, there are some individual states that are light years ahead. That rock is at the top of the pyramid of the most figs.


Sweden first where 32.2% of new cars are electric. Then Holland with 25%, Finland with 18.1% and Denmark with 16.4%.



In other words, the United States still has a long way to go before they can earn a good ice cream for the champions. For now I’m in the queue.



Perhaps President Biden will be able to make those who are still not convinced to buy an electric car greedy. People who have not yet understood that there is a real saving compared to petrol or diesel.


And above all he makes a noble gesture to leave a cleaner world for their children and future generations.


Biden’s goal is to reach 50% of zero-emission cars of all those sold. And it will have to happen for him by 2030.


How will he do it? Raining billions in incentives and other discount formulas on this sector. Congress will have to give him the green light on how many resources to invest in this project.


Meanwhile, he has signed an agreement with General Motors, Stellantis and Ford.


There are 104,000 public charging points in the United States. But only 18% of these offer fast battery charging (in an hour or less).


So Biden’s plan also provides for the construction of 500,000 charging stations (7.5 billion). And 73 billion for the expansion and modernization of the electricity grid.


I hope that you too are among the next motorists who will make electric recharges and you will not stop at the very old distributors.


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