Only if you become lazier, will you be able to achieve success in your life, this is the best way to loaf around like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett


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One day you decide to sleep for a few hours on the sofa or browse social media lying on the bed or watch a TV series on Netflix.


And they tell you that you are lazy and you spend your time on useless things.


Has it ever happened to you?


This has happened to me many times, ever since I was a kid and I lived with my parents.


They kept telling me I was wasting a lot of time instead of studying and getting good grades.


Among other things, I had to leave many of my exes because they broke my mind and kept saying that I should have helped them more with the housework.


Or I often heard my friends say: “Blessed be you, who do nothing all day.”


For this modern society that is always on the run, lounging around is just a waste of time.


Wait a minute, is it really like that?


It is precise because I have spent whole days doing nothing that I have managed to be successful in life.


I have found scientific evidence to suggest this. So is being lazy really is the key to success?



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Don’t get too busy. Give yourself time to read every now and then, and think well.”


Bill Gates said so, during a show where Warren Buffett was also a guest.


He then jokingly asked Buffett to pull out his diary. The show’s host was shocked when he saw whole pages without appointments.


Today we find it hard to believe that one of the richest men spends whole days without working because he takes time out for himself.


I’d like to go back in time every now and then and say to some of my exes, “You see? Go and tell Buffett to stop spending whole days fooling around.”

As a matter of fact, the most successful people in the world are not as busy as one would think.


In fact, the success and the number of commitments we have are not correlated.


Due to this misconception, many people nowadays experience a very harmful psychological condition.


The fact is that the vast majority of them don’t even realize they are experiencing it. And it is literally destroying their life.


You too could be one of them, so I recommend that you read the rest of the article carefully for your own good.


Here are some of the most classic signs to understand if you are also affected by it, taken from the scientific literature:


· You feel guilty when you have a day when you are not very busy.


· Often you feel that you are coming to the end of a busy day with the feeling that you have not done anything that important.


· You do not feel comfortable when you are on vacation (and for example, you keep looking at your smartphone to see if you receive any mail.)


· Sometimes you feel that keeping yourself busy sooner or later will allow you to “magically” achieve success.


· You often give up going out with your friends saying you don’t have time (but that’s actually an excuse.)


· It’s been a long time since you’ve dated a girl.


These signs tell you that you are replacing your life with your commitments.


So you subconsciously prefer to keep yourself busy all day doing things rather than living. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.


Because of how our brain is structured, it’s easy to fall into the mental trap that makes us believe;


“Because I’m busy and a hard worker, I’m productive and I will be successful.”


But as we have seen this is not the case!


Due to this harmful comfort zone that we build ourselves, not having commitments triggers an alarm signal in our brain absurdly.


It is very easy to fall into this condition because as the scientific literature recalls, commitments keep your thoughts away and make you feel safe.


This is why you can often feel uncomfortable on days when you are not working or you can often feel that feeling as if you have forgotten something, but you cannot understand what.


And all this happens when we have momentarily lost the compass of our life to keep up with a thousand commitments.


“Success isn’t about doing enough things. Success is about doing enough of the right things.”


Stop focusing all your energy on your individual commitments and try to grasp the big picture of your life instead.


Is that single commitment really important to make your life better?



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After showing the show’s host his diary, Warren Buffett explained the reason for all these diary days without appointments:
“ I can buy everything I want but I can’t buy time, which is my greatest asset. ”

Filling entire days of commitments is the fastest way to lose control of your life and waste it.

This is because you lose the ability to have a global vision of your own life because you are used to focusing totally on individual commitments.

Both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates recommend taking whole days to think, reflect well on your life and enjoy each moment.
So here are the effective tips that you can put into practice right away to fool around as effectively as possible and take back the helm of your life to achieve success.


Dr. Monreau of the University London College stated in the Independent:

“ Boredom and laziness should be used to regain body and time control. ”

Decreasing the time you spend at work will allow you to no longer consider yourself as a simple production machine and finally enjoy the moment life is made of.

So do the calculation of the hours you work per week and decrease them.

If your boss asks you to do extras and get paid more he refuses, surely that money is not as good as your life. Remember what Buffett said:

“Time is the most precious thing, which not even I am able to buy.”

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According to The Guardian and a study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, making it a habit to allow yourself 45 minutes or an hour of an afternoon nap every day, allows you to remove stress and regain mental clarity.

If someone pisses you off because you sleep in the afternoon, tell them that you are working hard to improve your life and achieve success.

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According to the University of Oklahoma, watching TV series, especially drama, improves your life because:

· This kind of program teaches you to become more empathetic with others.

And you know that the more you acquire social skills, the more you will be able to achieve success in your love and work life.

· Since the brain does not distinguish between reality and fiction if you become attached to a person (even if only a TV character) you can increase your self-esteem.

This is because we are social animals, so having a certain emotional bond with people allows your brain to release substances into the blood that will make you feel good about yourself and give you new energy.

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