At the age of 18 he became a millionaire with Bitcoins by investing only 1000 dollars. Now helps children, even to invest in finance


Erik Finman

You might think that investing in cryptocurrencies and therefore also Bitcoin is a game lads. In reality this is not the case but it can make large sums of money more easily than other financial instruments.


The story of Erik Finman is an example of this. How he did it, I will tell you shortly. It must immediately be said that this young man also had the courage to pursue his investment and raise.


He believed in this new technology and invested in it. He saw the deal at just 12.


Yet the stories of successful people are usually written at the end of a career or in the middle. Here is this truly extraordinary story that can be described so far.


Today, Erik is in his twenties. What happened to him already can teach us all about success. On how to make money. And how to achieve your goals.




During a demonstration in Washington, DC, Finman met a guy wearing a bitcoin shirt. Finman inquired about what the symbol on his shirt meant and was informed: “It will end Wall Street, brother.”


The 12-year-old, inspired by a burning desire to learn more about peer-to-peer currency, began his quest on his own, seeing the future of coin and thanks to his grandmother’s $1,000 gift, Finman entered the world of Bitcoin in this way.


“So, in 2011, at age 12, Erik Finman made a $1,000 investment in Bitcoin.”


At the age of 18, that investment turned into a fortune, and he became one of Bitcoin’s youngest millionaires.

Erik Finman getting out of plane

In fact, Bitcoin has slowly begun to bear fruit.
In 2013, it was valued at around $500. Two years later, that initial $1,000 was worth $100,000.


“What am I supposed to do with all that money?” Finman wonders.


He had no doubts. In early 2014, he launched Botangle: an online platform that allows discouraged students like Erik to find a video chat tutor using part of the money.


Erik later moved to San Francisco. From there the step to Silicon Valley is short. The same year, comes the consecration from Time magazine: Erik Finman is among the most influential teen-agers.



Erik Finman giving a speech

To go from 100 thousand dollars to 1 million dollars was not enough for him, to leave his investment there while he was patient.


Maybe it would have made a million, but only in 2021, when Bitcoin made its all-time highs over 60 thousand dollars.


Instead he succeeded earlier because despite his youth he was very clear on what he wanted to do.


“In January 2015, he was introduced to an investor who offered him $100,000 in cash or 300 bitcoins for Botangle. Erik preferred BTC and thus accumulated a fortune of 403 bitcoins which today are worth a fortune in dollars.”


At the time of writing this article, BTC is around $40,000.


Since then, he has taken care of his and his family’s assets while working on some significant businesses, such as rocket launching in partnership with NASA to attract and recruit students.


In fact, he is exploiting his wealth for a truly noble purpose. He wanted to build a Dr Octopus suit to help a 10-year-old boy, Aristou Meehan, go to London’s Comicon as a cosplayer.


In this way he has already become a very young philanthropist. Perhaps it was precisely having become a millionaire with such new technology, which is made for people with an open mind, who are equally ready for a different society than they used to be.


A more supportive, transparent society, which shares spaces, instruments and capital, a more equitable society.


All principles that we find in the digital currency that is revolutionizing the economy, transactions and economic currencies. All this is thanks to the blockchain.




Erik Finman sitting on the hood of his car

The moral of this story is that anyone can do it if they give their all and have a little luck. You don’t have to go to college or get a job at a large company to be successful. You can be your own boss and work your way up on your own.


Erik Finman is living proof of this.


It’s also an inspiration for other kids out there who are struggling in school or who feel like they don’t fit in. It has shown them that it is possible to make one’s dreams come true, no matter how impossible they may seem.


If you are looking for an investment that will pay off, just look beyond Bitcoin.


However, the important thing is to always believe 100% in what you do.


“If you feel that what you have to do and that you blindly believe is out of school or a job, even if it pays well but you don’t like it, run quickly towards that new goal.”


The world is changing and, as Erik Finman showed us, it is increasingly flexible with those who can change with it.


But as long as you feel that you are convinced.


How do you understand this?


– If not, you will have your friends. If not, you will have your family or your colleagues. Despite this you are very convinced of what you want to do then you really believe it.


If you have no money but are willing to find it by doing everything (legal) then you really believe.


– Finally, if you face some first failures but you are not willing to give up then you have chosen the project that was right for you. And you will go on.


Well, Erik’s story is the epitome of it all. People like him are inspirational. And I know it might be strange because he’s in his twenties and has lived very little life.


What he lacked in experience he did with the right attitude and for this he was crowned.



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