At 23, he made more than 50 million with childish videos on YouTube. Here's how MrBeast did it and why he gives away millions every year


man pouring paint on MrBeast

When most people think about videos for kids on YouTube, they imagine cute and harmless clips of young people singing or playing. Instead, there is another side of the phenomenon: I’m talking about what made 23-year-old MrBeast a millionaire.


His real name is Jimmy Donaldson, in 2021, his videos totaled more than 10 billion total views.


Since he was 18, MrBeast has made millions by uploading silly and often hilarious videos to YouTube. His content is varied, but it usually revolves around doing stunts or challenges and giving money to his viewers.


But how did he create all this interest? What is behind his videos that are so viral and that work great bringing him all that traffic?


I will try to answer these questions.


In my opinion, there is some sort of holy grail that I will explain. It might be useful even if you don’t make videos for YouTube or Tiktok, but in general, you are his social network.




MrBeast, a beachball, and a car

The first video on his channel was uploaded in 2012, but he hadn’t started making videos full time until a few years later.


Before becoming a youtuber, MrBeast did odd jobs and saved money by doing garden work.


When he turned 18, he decided to buy a camera and start making videos in his bedroom.


“I just wanted to make videos for my friends and family,” he says. “I never thought they would become this popular.”


From 2014 onwards, MrBeast’s following began to grow exponentially. In 2017, his channel had over 10 million subscribers, and by 2018, that number had risen to over 20 million.


As his viewers grew his income grew. In 2018, Forbes estimated that MrBeast made $4 million from his YouTube channel. The following year, he doubled that amount, earning $8 million.


But it’s not just the ads on his videos that bring in the money. MrBeast has also made money through sponsorships and merchandising sales.


In 2019, he launched a clothing line with HoodieBuddie that sold astounding numbers in just 24 hours. In 2020, MrBeast’s income grew even more. He signed a deal with YouTube that is said to be worth millions of dollars.


In 2021, he finally launched another clothing line with Champion. He also started selling his own branded merchandise, including T-shirts, hoodies, and hats.



MrBeast giving prize to followers

One of the things that distinguishes MrBeast from other youtubers is his willingness to give away large sums of money. He gave away thousands of dollars to strangers, as well as his friends and family.


He defines himself as a philanthropic youtuber.


In 2019, he gave away $100,000 in just one day. The following year he upped the ante by giving away $ 1million over the course of 10 days.


It’s not just the money MrBeast is giving away to his followers. In 2020 he gave away a car worth $50,000 and in 2021, he gave away a house worth $2 million.


Why does MrBeast do this?


“I just want to make people happy – he says -. I think it’s really important to make other people happy.”


Actually that’s only part of why he does it.


The other truth is that it is such a special and unprecedented action that it makes the news. It makes people talk. Create big interest. Everyone likes money and everyone would like to replace them with whoever wins the sums of money.




In addition to his challenges and giveaways with his followers, Jimmy also has his share of challenges and difficulties.


One challenge is keeping up with YouTube’s ever-changing algorithm. He claimed that in 2020, his videos only received 10% of the views they had previously.


“YouTube is a fickle beast. You can never predict what will be popular.” Another challenge is maintaining creative control over his channel. MrBeast stated that he doesn’t like making videos that are too sponsored or branded.


“I don’t want to do something because they pay me to do it. I want to do something because I think it’s fun or beautiful.”




MrBeast on a plane

Despite the challenges, MrBeast continues to give away money and prizes. So why does he do it?


In 2021, he continued to give money to people as if all that cash didn’t have a price.


I know that you may have always imagined people doing their own thing before earning stellar figures like soccer players or football players.


But one day a little boy arrives who makes children’s videos on YouTube and in a few years has super astronomical follower views. Then you no longer understand anything about how the world works.


In reality, there is logic in all this!


Whether you’re a fan of his videos or not, it’s hard not to be impressed by his generosity. This is the first piece of this puzzle.


“First of all, we need to understand that the way users interact with content has changed dramatically in recent years.”


We are no longer simply spectators, but now we are also participants and content generators. That’s exactly what MrBeast skillfully takes advantage of.


In his videos he always interacts with his followers, always giving them a chance to participate in some way, even if it’s simply by making a comment.


In addition, he often gives away money or other prizes, thereby increasing their involvement and attachment to him.


“Most importantly, what makes MrBeast videos so special is the fact that they are never boring.”


He always has new ideas and dares to do things that others would never think of. This is perfectly in line with the new way people consume content and is probably one of the main reasons it has been so successful.


So, if you’re looking to break through on YouTube, grab a page from MrBeast’s book and start thinking outside the box. Be creative, be bold, and most importantly, be yourself. Who knows, maybe one day you will be the one giving away millions of dollars to your followers.


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