He conquered the Asian market with the platform where cars are rented as if they were Netflix movies. This is the story of Aaron Tan


Aaron Tan founder of Carro

It manages a billion-dollar car market between the sale of used cars and the rental service. And recently Aaron Tan was also quoted by the Financial Times.


If he has made ends meet in the East, especially in Southeast Asia, it is also thanks to his grandmother.


He couldn’t have had his first business experience without her. See when it is said that grandparents are always the best: well in this story it is appropriate to say it.


But the events that got Aaron so high and so fast contain an important moral. He keeps reading because I’ll explain it to you later and it contains some really super cool teaching.


Furthermore, this young entrepreneur was also an IT prodigy. So much so that he was among the very first to use artificial intelligence for the website to buy and sell vehicles.


AI served him to help customers choose cars better. And then also for other things…


But let’s start with this amazing story, and a little bit crazy, because at the beginning he did not invent anything new. But he managed to make a trading platform work better than the others.


I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur and I know how hard it is to find new things that can attract people. Or make it work better than other services or products that have been around for years.


So we know Aaron’s story. He could help you too even if you are not an entrepreneur.

Aaron Tan founder of Carro


As I said, one of the key ingredients in this story is that Aaron was a prodigy. But he is only a part of the whole.

If you take a cake, sugar and eggs are among the main ingredients. But without all the rest and above all excellent manual skills, the final result does not come out.


“Already at 13, Tan was earning extra money by creating and selling websites.”

After a while he created his first start-up. Which bore the name of the grandmother. Because?

Being still a minor in her name, he could not do so for legal and fiscal reasons.

Therefore, thanks to the generosity and availability of that elderly Mrs. Aaron, he can begin to make his first experiences as an entrepreneur.

His second start-up is the YoSearch search engine. While the first company was sold before that precocious kid was 21.

In short, he made a departure as a small champion of IT and entrepreneurship.

However, his first disappointments are not lacking: he leaves the university without his mother’s knowledge, to concentrate on information technology.

But on this path he will never have slowdowns. The fact of having dropped out of university has a specific purpose for him.

He won a scholarship from the Infocommunications development authority of Singapore. He is delighted to be able to study computer science at Singapore management university.

Then he wins a second scholarship at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he completes his computer science degree with honors.

It was during the American period that Aaron came into contact with the automotive sector thanks to the experience gained by working as a venture capitalist.

And so the idea was born of doing something in his country that was already happening in the West…

Aaron Tan founder of Carro



In 2015 the e-commerce platform for used vehicles was born for Eastern countries. A website that was created to simplify business thanks to artificial intelligence.


It’s called Carro: the name that combines the terms “car” and “hero”


“Behind this idea, in addition to Aaron Tan, who had the brilliant intuition, there are also two old university mates: Aditya Lesmana and Kelvin Chng.”


They are the three founders who bring an innovative revolutionary project for Southeast Asia to the East


Because in those countries the purchase of cars is imagined in another way. It was Tan who explained it:


“It was a challenge to get people to change their mindsets. To be honest, most buyers don’t know much about cars, so they don’t need to physically check them out. They just follow the way their fathers behaved.”


And here is where the second intuition of our young entrepreneur comes into play.


“In fact, its artificial intelligence software takes care of scanning images of cars to detect potential problems. While the mechanics check the vehicles for defects.”


The company has also created a voice bot based on artificial intelligence to respond to customer requests.


In short, as a good computer scientist, he gave us some of him.


And after six years, the company was valued at least $ 1 billion this year.

They have clear ideas about an upcoming listing on the US stock exchange in two years or earlier.


Meanwhile, in 2019 the second right intuition arrived…




Carro customers

Carro.sg has introduced an absolute novelty for Singapore: rental cars made with a subscription plan similar to that of Netflix or Spotify.


You pay a fixed monthly fee and have a car of your choice with everything paid for (assistance and maintenance insurance stamp) and you can change cars during the plan.


In short, a super flexible subscription. Which brought further gains to the company of Ten.


So much so that the Financial Times has placed it at the top of the 2021 ranking of high-growth companies in the Asia Pacific region. Compiled in collaboration with Nikkei Asia and the research firm Statista.




I go straight to the point. Today Tan is 36 years old and according to him:

“You must first find that group of friends who are willing to take the leap of faith with you”.


Tan’s site algorithm helps car buyers and sellers compare the best deals across Southeast Asia.


To create it, he immediately enlisted his friends from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science to make this long journey with them.


And he explained:


“For me, what is very important is to support and complement each other.”


In fact, with Aditya Lesmana and Kelvin Chng all three were able to have a better understanding of the markets they were targeting and the problems they were solving together.


And all this is true not only in entrepreneurship and I can confirm it. But even in everyday life you can feel in this more powerful and supported way.


– Whether we are talking about a work group between colleagues

– A group of friends who support each other in life’s challenges and advice and help each other

– A good partner to accompany you on the journey of love

– A good team if you play a sport.

– A voluntary association.


In other words, you will hardly make the same road alone as if you face it with good travel companions as Aaron did.


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