Artificial Intelligence Will Make Us Free Men. Here Are Three Practical Applications Which Will Give Us More Time, Security And Freedom


Artificial Intelligence Will Make Us Free

Artificial intelligence will make us men of the future, that is citizens of a better world in which we will be freer. Not only will it free us from daily chores, boring and repetitive jobs, and allow us to dedicate ourselves to activities that until now were reserved for human beings.


AI will help us make better decisions, as it will be able to process data and information much more efficiently than we do. To help us to take the right path at every crossroad.


This does not mean that it will completely replace humans. On the contrary, it will help us be more efficient and reach our goals more quickly.


Machines with their algorithms are not a threat to human beings: you have to trust and try them, you will see that they will make our life easier and allow us to realize our potential.


Let’s start with practical applications to move to moral ones …




It is clear that the most boring and repetitive jobs will be carried out by machines, freeing human beings from these tasks. We will be able to dedicate ourselves to other things, to more creative and stimulating work.


In addition, the machines are able to work 24 hours a day without ever getting tired, so the productivity of companies will increase exponentially.


What was previously reserved for automated factories will be within everyone’s reach: even small artisans will be able to carry out their works with the help of machines.


An example is 3D printing: a technology that already allows you to print any object in plastic, but in the future will be able to create products in metal and other materials.


It means that we will be able to dedicate ourselves to tasks that are more suited to man, making him feel fulfilled, because they are more creative and more responsible.


It will be a bit like going back to the time of our grandparents, who saw the beginning and end of a product, and to whom it was sold (the final consumer). Such as the village shops or a small town workshop.


There will be the joy of working again.


Earning the same pay but working less. This re-evaluation of working hours has already been implemented by some countries in Europe such as Sweden and Finland.


This translates into more time for us and a higher quality of life.


According to the report “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions in a Time of Automation” published by the World Economic Forum in 2018, by 2025 half of the work activities could be carried out by machines.


But don’t worry, this automation is estimated to generate a total of 133 million jobs worldwide, while replacing 75 million.


In addition, intelligent automation could lead to an average increase in GDP per capita of 21% on average in OECD countries by 2030, according to an OECD report entitled “The Future of Work” published in 2019.



Artificial Intelligence Will Make Us Free

The machines are able to process data and information more efficiently than humans.


This means that they will be able to make better decisions, as they will have much more information at their disposal than we do.


This will allow us to save time and take the right path at a crossroads, thus helping us to reach our goals more quickly.


I’ll give you an example. Today, wherever we travel, we get help from Google Maps. Our grandparents and our parents in a city were less orientated with those huge paper maps in hand.


After their greater waste of time, we use the Google app immediately finding the best route with extreme ease and the Google algorithm is not as likely to be wrong.


Now this example is more of a metaphor for the choices your family will have to make on a daily basis or for more important things.


You will have some kind of Alexa to ask questions and they will answer you. For example, which is the nearest supermarket to home where you can save money to get fruit or vegetables.


To ask if the quality of life will be betterif you buy a house in one city or another (this is a an important choice).



Artificial Intelligence Will Make Us Free

Artificial intelligence will make us free men, because it will give us the possibility to choose.


We will not have to worry about the small and big decisions to be made every day, but we will be able to rely on an algorithm.


We will no longer be at the mercy of events, but we will be able to decide for ourselves our future and that of our family.


I’ll give you another example.


You want to change jobs, but you don’t know if it is better to look for a job in your city or to move to another location.


Thanks to artificial intelligence you will be able to compare data from different jobs and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and expectations.


Ultimately, AI will free us from many tasks and responsibilities, allowing us to focus on what really matters to us.


We will be able to dedicate our time to the activities we like most and to the realization of our dreams.


This is the real revolution of artificial intelligence. Not a threat to the future of work, but an opportunity for all of us to finally be free.


It happens to many of that we can’t ever make up their minds and remain still like a tree planted in the same field. Being free also means making decisions from time to time even if they hurt in the short term.


Choices that in the long term will lead us to a lifestyle that you may have always dreamed of but did not have the courage to live.


It will be like having a father or mother to advise and support you. The difference is that you will be supported by a super computer capable of making billions of evaluations that you cannot do.


Thus the AI will give us more chances to go in the right direction, always based on what we ask of it so we can follow our desires and our instincts.


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