Let’s say goodbye to the figure of the teacher. Artificial intelligence will take the place of many teachers from schools and universities. Thus the teaching will improve


Artificial intelligences teaches a man chess

An avatar gives a lecture on the stage of a private university in Northern California. At another chair, instead, a professor’s assistant speaks via chat with the students (unaware that she is an AI): her name is Jill Watson and answers with 97% accuracy.


The school of tomorrow has already begun and is changing for the better. With the help of artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms. And all this will favor the education of our children.


Those who think the opposite speak with the now known fears. Fears of what’s new. The fear that what a human can do cannot be done by a machine.


They are old thoughts. But I understand and in fact in this article I want to explain all the advantages there are.


Quiet: I do not want to prove if you are thinking that we can do without brilliant minds in our universities and excellent professors who transmit their knowledge great.


Maybe the mixed solution will be the best one. A support given by artificial intelligence, let’s say.


But the examples I gave at the beginning are a look at the future of teaching and learning in universities.


This change of course will result in a drastically reduced role for full-time tenured or tenured teachers who teach our children face-to-face.




It happens at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students are learning Mandarin Chinese as if they were on the streets of Beijing.


“They walk in an intelligent and engaging (immersive) environment developed by Rensselaer and IBM Research: it was used for the first time in 2019 in an accredited academic course on campus.”


The course is called: “Immersive Chinese with AI-Assisted” and lasts six months.

Children learning in AI classroom

This was one of the first examples of a new generation of classrooms that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies.


Thus, according to the prestigious university, an experiential language learning experience similar to studying abroad is provided, without the need to travel.


And here we are, even without a language teacher, students can learn Chinese quickly and well. And maybe even having more fun than sitting on the bench.


MIT has devoted millions of dollars to faculty research on artificial intelligence.


One of MIT’s projects – called RAISE, for Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education – will support the way people from diverse backgrounds learn about AI and human learning in general.


The example just given to learn Chinese is unmatched.


It is as if I want to learn how to make a cake and I am sitting in the classroom while a chef shows me how to do it and explains it to me verbally.


If, on the other hand, they put me in a virtual kitchen – where I can’t get my hands dirty or set the oven on fire – and I cook as in reality: I put the ingredients there myself and in the quantity I decide.


And everything is prepared as if I were really doing it with my own hands, with errors and uncertainties. But in the end from an experience like this it is more likely that a cook will be born from a pupil.


“In the case of the immersive environment at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, students have the feeling of being in the midst of various scenes generated by the algorithm.”


For example, a restaurant or a street market, similar to those you might encounter in China.


The technological skills are also able to recognize the gestures of the children so as to interact naturally with the characters in these scenes.


The room is able to communicate with the students. Gives immediate feedback on their non-native speaking Chinese speech and pronunciation. And he even criticizes their linguistic ability.


I find it sensational!




The so-called inverted classrooms have already been a first step towards what I am explaining in this article. They are very far from what artificial intelligence can do today.


But they make us understand that the old role played by the professor has shrunk.


How does inverted teaching work and what it is:


– Students take lessons at home. They do this individually and no longer in the classroom by studying the material provided by the teacher which is usually video.


– In the classroom, the lesson is replaced by a collaborative activity: they do homework, for example, diversified activities and cooperate with each other, and they do authentic homework. And there are no more questions.


This is defined by many experts and teachers as an innovative teaching method.


So as you can already see the video lessons had taken the place of hours of explanations in front of a professor.


A well-programmed artificial intelligence can be even better than a teacher.



Man and girl reading a book

Some analysts say robots could start replacing teachers by 2027, not far from now.


China has more start-ups addressing AI in education. It is perhaps the most advanced nation in this sector.


The fact is that there are at least three reasons why when we use AI our schools and universities will be more effective.


– The algorithms will be able to understand through the data that collect information on how and how much students progress cognitively and emotionally.


In addition, the AI will learn about psychology and neuroscience and the science of education thanks to which it will read the behavior of children.


– The algorithms will complement the efforts of teachers by customizing the lessons to the student level. In addition to making the content easier to understand.


In fact, according to the research, personalized learning improves skills at any starting level.


Carnegie Learning is a platform that represents what I just said.


– Statistics show that educators spend more than 50% of their time on non-educational activities.


“AI will be able to support teachers in organizational and administrative tasks: archiving documents, supervising resources for lessons and creating periodic progress reports.”


And therefore he will have more time for our children and for quality and super engaging teaching.


I am not arguing that professors will no longer exist.


They will always be fundamental, as the teacher that I am sure your son or daughter will have met in college and of which she is very fond of. That she passed on her matter to him with her heart and she will never forget it.


Well, this sure thing won’t have to end. Everything else will have to be implemented and improved with the help of technology.


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