Learn about artificial intelligence so you don't get your job stolen. Here are the professions that beat algorithms


Artificial intelligence

When it comes to robots and artificial intelligence, many people often feel anxious about losing their jobs.


But until now, the introduction of AI in companies has instead created more jobs than the one that has failed. The OECD data of January 2021 say so.


Obviously we are talking about an observation made exclusively where there have been impacts of AI.


I understand that in the future this technology will be even more intrusive and some do not trust it.


Today I want to help you predict future scenarios. Knowing the jobs that cannot be replaced by any very cold artificial computer.


I want to list the three sectors and uses that this technological transition will not be able to unseat.


But firstly, I want to briefly explain to you why you shouldn’t be afraid for your children’s future for example. And why human hands will always be indispensable.




In the past there were very similar cycles that periodically repeat themselves and produce the same effects as in the past. As happens in the economy.


What is happening today with artificial intelligence is what has happened, for example, with the steam engine, electricity, the car or, more recently, the computer and the Internet.


The steam engine allowed raw material such as iron to be extracted faster from mines.


Certainly, in the mines later it took fewer people to dig with the pickaxe and the manual shovel.


But many other people served to build the steam engines and above all to build the railways. And to cut trees and make boards for the miles of railways. Because with the invention of steam engines, the train was also born.


The same thing will happen with AI. She will be used for example for more non-routine cognitive tasks. So an absolute novelty. It is true. Which in fact suggests that they are works that only man could do.


Meanwhile, everyone is neglecting the benefits for workers:


“Thanks to the ability of AI to produce innovations and generate entirely new industries, it will create a large amount of new jobs.”

Artificial intelligence doing robotic assembly line

But what are they? And what are the new skills we need to learn?


There are three categories…




These are professions related to body care and teaching.


They have been called PINK because they are often made by women. In other words, there are also men who take care of them and will be able to do it in the future, but statistically there are more girls who do them.


This is the first category of jobs that will not be replaced by AI algorithms. It is safe and industry experts say so.


But there is a well-founded reason.




Because they require soft skills:


– Emotional intelligence


– Relational and communication skills


– Empathy


All this is not automatable. As a partner, for example, cannot be automated. We all want to marry and have a real partner next to us, on the sofa.


But even these professions will be able to improve thanks to the support of technologies.


In this case, I am talking about personal trainers, for example, and all the activities in which a sport is taught. But also the beautician, the cosmetic surgeon, the image consultant, the hairdresser, the dermatologist or the psychologist.


The school teacher but also the teacher of any other discipline.


Now I will tell you about the second category…

Man with "AI" on the back of his shirt



Here, on the other hand, we are dealing with professions that require advanced digital skills and in particular on AI, data, cloud, blockchain, Internet of things.


And now if you too are among those who fear that there will be fewer jobs, I’ll tell you something. You know that among the BLU works…


“Today there is a very strong demand with a rather limited supply and many places remain empty due to a lack of people with adequate skills.”

So this is a direct and super-connected case that proves that these new technologies create jobs.


Among other things, this phenomenon – known as skills mismatch – shows us the existence of a gap between the skills required by companies and those possessed by workers and today.


Because if there is one thing certain with AI, it is that if you want to take advantage of future opportunities, you will have to train and learn new skills.


But then what awaits us is a cultural revolution.


Which must start with education in schools and universities.


As in the example of the steam engine above, to work in the new jobs created by that invention, the workers had to be able to do new things.


Try to think about the student programs, at the university in general, and what the reality out there is made of today.


Just approaching the word blockchain, Bitcoin, Artificial intelligence at the university is very strange.


So I would say the problem lies more in filling this gap. Rather than in the number of jobs that there are today and there will be tomorrow.



Robot doing a job

The third category of the jobs of the future concerns all professions that contribute to fostering ecological transformation.


Here are two concrete examples:


– Orange Fiber is an Italian company that takes waste from orange processing. With another production cycle it transforms them into fabrics with zero environmental impact.


– The consortium that collects old tires and transforms them into manufactured goods.


– The steel and aluminum consortium that make the recycling of materials practically infinite for as many uses for the benefit of the community.


Then I want to talk about the…


“Chefs who practice sustainable cooking and use technologies to control the origin and quality of ingredients. And to optimize the use of raw materials by minimizing waste from a circular economy perspective.”


And even in the “green jobs” area, AI technologies are already making a great contribution. As in agriculture thanks to the collection and analysis of crop data.


In fact, it is also possible to optimize the use of water resources which will be increasingly scarce. Or the use of fertilizers that could be harmful.


Therefore, operators in the agricultural supply chain will also have to learn how to use new technologies to remain competitive and reduce the environmental impact of their activities.


In other words, the algorithms will have to be greeted with positivity and optimism. And as usual it is the human race that is called to a change. For all the rest, everything will continue as seen in the past.


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