Artificial Intelligence Is Your Advocate. Ask Her Questions On Legal Issues And Receive Very Accurate Answers


Artificial Intelligence Is Your Advocate

Some have tried to put a team of lawyers in a challenge against a well-trained algorithm in terms of laws. Do you know who won? Artificial intelligence.


At the moment law firms are already relying on data databases that well-trained algorithm access, which processes that data and produces real advice.


It will not take long before the lawyers we turn to for legal advice are also in part algorithms.


It is by no means in the distant future: legal software already exists today that can provide information on the likelihood of success of an appeal, as well as administrative penalties and expected costs.


Robotic lawyers, such as ROSS, were created several years ago that are capable of carrying out legal research and drafting defense briefs.


This software is able to read and interpret laws and learn from the lawyers who use them, improving their performance over time.


In the future, we will no longer be surprised if an algorithm will be able to provide us with legal advice on a matter or even represent us in court.


If you think this is in the distant future, know that digital assistants like Lexa already exist today. It is able to give detailed indications of the probability of an appeal’s success, even though it may not yet be perfectly legal.



Artificial Intelligence Is Your Advocate

In 2016, UK start-up CaseCruncher pitted a team of lawyers against its software, to demonstrate how effective and accurate it was.


The software was able to read and interpret 1000 pages of legal documents in less than 5 minutes, providing accurate and timely advice.


The software is constantly updated according to new laws, always guaranteeing updated and reliable advice.


The results of this challenge were clear: the software won, providing more accurate and timely legal advice than lawyers.


In addition, the software was able to deliver results in a much shorter time, resulting in significant savings in time and money.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that lawyers will soon be replaced by algorithms.


The role of lawyers is still indispensable in the management of the most complex legal cases, but it is clear that artificial intelligence is changing the profession of lawyers, making it much more effective and accurate.



Artificial Intelligence Is Your Advocate

One of the most famous robot lawyers is definitely ROSS, made by the IBM company.


This legal software was developed using Watson’s artificial intelligence and is capable of performing legal research and drafting defensive briefs.


In addition, ROSS is able to understand natural language, so it can be accessed much easier than a data database.


ROSS was developed to help lawyers carry out their businesses, making them more efficient and accurate.


In the future, ROSS may also be used by individuals to obtain legal advice on specific issues.




Another example of a digital legal assistant is Lexa, developed by a team of lawyers and IT specialists.


Lexa is able to provide information on the likelihood of success of an appeal, as well as administrative penalties and expected costs.


Additionally, Lexa can be used to do thorough legal research on any legal matter.


Lexa is still in the experimental stage, but its creators hope it will soon be made available to the general public.




Artificial Intelligence Is Your Advocate

In China, a robot has already been employed in a court and the sentence has been upheld. In America, Ross was used by Baker Hostetler, a law firm based in New York, to assist their lawyers in preparing cases regarding the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers bank.


According to Bloomberg BNA, this partnership does not violate any ethical rules.


In Europe, it is still unclear how judges will behave in front of this new professional figure. It will undoubtedly take some time before an agreement is reached on this matter.


European countries are trying to understand how to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in the legal field.


Sure, it will take some time for AI to become a common figure in the courts, but it’s clear that its presence is already changing the profession of lawyer.




Artificial intelligence is not subject to the same weaknesses as humans, such as prejudice or emotionality.


Robotic lawyers are able to perform a more objective and accurate assessment of cases, providing increasingly precise legal advice.


This means that justice could become increasingly impartial in the future, ensuring fair and non-discriminatory treatment for all individuals.


However, there is always the phase of collecting evidence and testimonies. Which cannot be done by artificial intelligence.


The role of the lawyer is not limited to the defense of the client. Often these professionals play the role of consultants, helping their clients make the right decisions for their situation.


It is therefore not clear whether artificial intelligence will be able to completely replace lawyers in the future, but it is clear that this technology is already changing the profession of lawyers.


But in most legal cases, even the most common ones that are repeated every day, we will always have a precise and impartial answer.


Courts are less burdened by the usual legal disputes. The more complex ones, on the other hand, can be followed carefully by the judges who will have to make more complex assessments that cannot be fed to the algorithms.


While at home it will always be like having a small portable lawyer to consult. We could question him not only if we are involved in a lawsuit or sued.


We could also consult him to take action and be sure not to violate the law. Considering that the law will be much more complex so we can protect ourselves.


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