Artificial Intelligence: What Will Integration of AI Systems Bring to Software Tools and Programs?


Artificial Intelligence, robot

Can AI systems improve the software tools and programs we use today on computers and smartphones?


What will the integration of artificial intelligence in applications look like?


What benefits will new AI systems bring to existing programs?


Artificial intelligence is coming to the digital world in a big way. Although AI has been present in that world for years (especially on smartphones), we are only now becoming aware of the possibilities of artificial intelligence.


Many large IT companies are announcing the implementation of AI systems in their already popular applications and software tools. The integration of AI systems into existing software solutions will bring a great revolution in the way these solutions function.


Although for now we cannot be sure what exactly it will look like, it will be very interesting to follow the different ways of integration.


In the following, we will present several ways of how it could look and what benefits it will bring to end users:

Artificial Intelligence Will Increase the Capabilities of Applications and Programs

Artificial intelligence will bring with it better work performance and greater opportunities for users. Many of us are not even aware of how important a role artificial intelligence (AI) has played in our smartphones for years.


AI in phones takes care of the best and optimal use of the phone’s resources (from the processor, through the battery and all the way to the cameras). All that part is done by artificial intelligence in smartphones in the background and users are not even aware of it.


But with new integrations, artificial intelligence should reach the user interface as well – which users will really notice.


In the end, it should bring you better and faster work of applications, but also of various software programs on computers.


The possibilities of work will become almost unlimited. In addition to increasing the number of options for end users, AI will certainly improve the speed of the applications and programs themselves.


Namely, systems should manage devices and programs more efficiently – which will speed up the overall operation of devices.


Therefore, AI will significantly change the way users work – as we have known it to date.

Users Will Set Tasks To Be Done Easier And Simpler

Microsoft is one of the first companies to announce the incorporation of AI systems into its existing applications.


Rather, the first screenshots have already appeared recently showing how the AI system will be integrated into the Bing search engine.


On the left side of the screen should appear the classic views of the results pages, while on the right side the artificial intelligence should give its answer to the user’s query. Very interesting. But imagine now a popular Microsoft tool such as Excel. The necessity for laborious and time-consuming formula writing in table fields would be eliminated by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into Excel.


Alternatively, you would simply provide a job to the computer, such as having field B7 show the total of all A rows minus 123.


This written instruction of yours would be deciphered by Excel, and the AI would make those fields appear precisely what you desire. It’s quite easy and quick.


Users will find it easier to utilize all apps and tools if AI systems are integrated into existing tools and programs. Users will be able to effortlessly allocate tasks to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, with artificial intelligence handling the remainder of the background work.


Of course, all of the above is only in the test stages and the question is when it will appear in wider use.

Support And Guidance At Every Step

Artificial intelligence is not designed to replace humans, but to make people’s jobs easier.


Accordingly, artificial intelligence will play an assistant role in many software tools and applications.


In particular, the AI will take care of leading the user step by step to the solution that the user wants.


Now, how it will be done – it will depend on the way and degree of integration of the AI system into the applications and software solutions themselves.


In the future, tutorials and training may become partially redundant because AI will solve everything for you immediately. That is, when you get stuck somewhere with work – you will just ask Ai to help you solve the problem.


In some systems, you may only receive instructions on how to master the next step, while in advanced tools, you will receive a complete solution to a particular problem.


Although all this sounds great and makes it easier for users to work – the question is whether we will become a dumber civilization because of it.

Using AI Technology to Increase Creativity

Artificial intelligence (AI) can already surpass humans, i.e. an individual, in many segments.


For example, AI tools can make several attractive thumbnail suggestions for your new YouTube video in just a few seconds.


AI can also draw 10+ pictures of your cat for you according to your instructions – all in seconds.


Such artificial intelligence systems are already available today and you can use them on various occasions. But the future brings even better things. For example, in the future you will be able to record a video scene and with a simple command instruct the AI system to make your video snow or the sun shine.


You will be able to replace your body with the body of an animal – and all this in a few seconds in all scenes of the movie.


The possibilities of creativity will be truly impressive in the near future.


However, the question remains how well it will all work and how much such systems will cost in the future.


For now, many Ai systems are free just to attract the attention of users – but charging will follow very soon.

Improving People’s Work and Taking Business to the Next Level

Artificial Intelligence, robot

Just a few months ago, to build a website with 1,000 articles, you needed at least 6 months of work by several people.


Today, artificial intelligence can create such a page completely independently in just a few days.


Of course, the quality of the articles on that site cannot be at the same level as a site created by professional authors with experience, but it is of sufficient quality to cover all the important topics that users in that niche might be interested in.


With the advent of artificial intelligence in widespread use, the working time has been reduced at least several times.


If you didn’t know, artificial intelligence can write an entire romance novel in just a few tens of minutes – which is quite impressive.


An author in the form of a human individual would need at least a month to write such a novel, and often much more.


Again, the quality of the novel may not be at a super level, but it is very interesting and enjoyable to read.


Although many feared that the widespread emergence of AI systems would destroy many jobs – this will probably not be the case.


In the future, people will keep the “rudder” of their life and business in their hands – and AI systems will serve as a generator of faster progress.


Instead of spending hours and hours on repetitive tasks – people will leave that part of the business to artificial intelligence.


In modern business environments, people should be engaged in even more creative work and create ideas that will change the world.


AI systems will be an upgrade of the existing capabilities of software tools, and we will see how everything will look in the coming months and years. A very interesting life and business period awaits us!


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artificial intelligence and robot

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