Top 5 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies In 2023



According to a vast majority of laymen and specialists, if one were to pick out one phrase that would most firmly identify the year 2023 in the realm of information technology, it would be – artificial intelligence.


The ubiquitous presence of detailed (and appealing to a wide audience – DALLE 2 and ChatGPT are obvious examples) data on the current capabilities and achievements of artificial intelligence has resulted in a great interest in that layer of “ordinary people” who previously perceived AI only as an example of high-tech, sophisticated – programming domains difficult to understand for the average person’s mental structure – programming domains or, at best, as an appealing dystopian future.


Yet, because artificial intelligence became a popular pervasive phrase in the previous year, it has become an unavoidable issue for discussion and forecasts, ranging from what its current capabilities are to projections about its ultimate reach in the near or far future.


Some argue that artificial intelligence has the ability to vastly improve and positively impact all sectors of industry, society, and art, while others are far more skeptical.


AI-enhanced tools such as smart chatbots in customer service, self-service robots in banks, AI applications present in home appliances, phones, hospitals, agriculture, and the military are less exotic that we admire and wonder about, and more and more mainstream with which it is easy to establish everyday coexistence.


Clive Humby, a British mathematician and data scientist entrepreneur, coined the oft-quoted phrase “data is the new oil” and projected tremendous AI data processing development.


In the wake of such easily acceptable ubiquity, it is expected that in the coming time (and already in this year that has just begun) the increase in the presence of artificial intelligence will result in an increased demand for its more conceptual, mass application, e.g. in “smart houses” and “smart cities”. All of these should stimulate future growth in the artificial intelligence chip industry.




In this light, let’s evaluate the top five AI-companies that the world’s most liquid investors believe have the most promising growth, development, and return on investment potential in 2023, based on their extensive analyses and projections.


The list was built using data from investments made by hedge funds, which base their capital investments in a firm on the principles of low-risk, high-profit investing. And if there is a higher quantitative influx of money, it is only a matter of time until quantity becomes quality, and investments result in increasingly advanced programs and actual implementations of machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence.




Microsoft Corporation, along with Apple, is the world’s most well-known computer brand, developing, licensing, and supporting software, services, devices, and solutions. Microsoft Azure, sometimes known as Azure to friends, is a cloud computing platform meant to manage applications through globally distributed data centers while being completely interoperable and capable of supporting artificial intelligence-based software solutions.


Gartner, a well-known technology research and consulting firm, called Azure the ideal platform for cloud computing, owing to its modular flexibility and global compatibility, as well as the fact that it is produced and maintained by Microsoft, the corporation whose software runs on the vast majority of home computers. and business computers may be found even in the most distant regions of the planet. Even if we consider the opportunities presented by smart solutions for visual design and voice communication such as DALLE and VALLE…


By the end of 2022, the Insider Monkey database contained as many as 269 hedge funds holding shares in Microsoft Corporation worth a total of $61.2 billion, and the Baron Funds highlighted Microsoft shares as the most reliable and stable investment option in its 2013 report to investors.


– AMAZON.COM, Inc. is best recognized for its global online sale of consumer goods. It is less well-known that Amazon, driven by the desire to rationalize and reduce the cost of procuring, storing, and distributing massive quantities of goods through a network of massive warehouses, has been developing intelligent software and hardware solutions for its own needs in parallel since its inception.


Kiva, a line of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that navigate Amazon’s warehouses using a sequence of digital barcode labels, was one of the company’s initial AI products.


Currently, a decade later, Amazon has deployed Proteus, the first completely autonomous mobile robot (AMR) capable of autonomously cognitively managing the warehouse – from collecting and recording products, to physical stacking and taking orders, to packing and delivering to the consumer.


If most expert projections are correct, transformational AI-systems like Proteus will take over 90% of warehouse tasks currently controlled and done by humans by 2050.


As a result, Insider Monkey reports that at the end of 2022, 252 hedge funds held, Inc. investment shares worth $30 billion, and the investment advisory firm Baron Funds highlights several potentially most profitable investment shares, including Amazon, in its report for the first quarter of 2023.




CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook in September 2022 about Meta Platforms’ ambitions for 2023, which are entirely based on bots and artificial intelligence. Make-A-Video, an AI-powered program that makes a video based on a written description, is one of them.


According to Insider Monkey, Meta Platforms Inc. finished 2022 richer by shares of 177 hedge funds that invested a total of $14.2 billion.


Meta Platforms is high on the list of potential firms in the new year, according to investor estimations, since it relies on the creation of online platforms that employ artificial intelligence and smart bots capable of talking with text, audio, photos, and videos.




Apple has long been recognized for incorporating current AI capabilities into its products: the first example is Siri, the clever iPhone chat-bot software built on machine learning algorithms. Apple is well-known for combining high design aesthetics with high efficiency of software support for its products.


For 2023, Apple highlights its assets by beginning to establish a separate specialized department for products based on artificial intelligence, with an intensive scouting campaign for experts not only at the managerial level, but also at the level of team leaders, researchers, and developers.


By the end of 2022, 140 hedge funds held Apple Inc. for a total of $14.4 billion in investment shares, and fund management firm Alger Capital recognized Apple Inc. in its 2023 investor report as one of the most promising possibilities for investors in the artificial intelligence business.




The investment experts of the Baron Funds fund highlighted several very promising AI-companies for investment during 2023 in their report to investors for the end of 2022, and among them is the world-famous NVIDIA Corporation, a company that has been one of the leaders of the top software and hardware offers of graphic, computer, and network solutions.


NVIDIA has joined the AI market with a new product called LandingEdge, which employs clever machine learning algorithms to analyze vast volumes of data from camera streaming video input. LandingEdge is used in industrial computers built on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier modular systems.


The high efficiency demonstrated by the LandingEdge / Jet6son AGX Xavier system in beta tests conducted in the real production lines of several potential customers’ factories ensured high ratings from investment analysts, so it is to be expected that with these investments, NVIDIA will be able to improve even more in 2023 and expand that niche of your offer.


Citadel Investment Group, located in Chicago, is the largest stakeholder in NVIDIA Corporation, with 19.2 million shares worth more than $2.3 billion, according to Insider Monkey.


If you are a tech enthusiast and want to know more about the power of artificial intelligence, check for daily insight on the latest developments and most useful information!




For most businesses and organizations, 2022 was a terrible year, hampered by the pandemic lockdown, much like the previous two: the stock market plummeted, interest rates soared substantially, and thousands of people lost their jobs.


Nevertheless, with the exponential expansion of the artificial intelligence business in 2022, coinciding with the post-pandemic market rebound, it is now confidently estimated that by 2030, artificial intelligence might contribute $15.7 trillion to the world economy, accounting for 26% of global GDP. According to recent data, the value of the worldwide AI chip market is predicted to climb to almost a whole $50 billion by 2026, rising at a CAGR of 34.6% from 2021 onwards.


The previously listed companies are the most successful so far, and it is predicted that they will remain so in the coming year. If AI really is the “new oil,” the investment opportunity would be a crazy one to miss, wouldn’t it?

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