AI will help politics as a consultant


Politician using AI as consultant

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a valuable tool for political decision making. In fact, AI is already playing a role in politics, albeit a small one.


For example, AI is used to automate the tedious and time-consuming task of data collection and analysis. In this way, political staff can focus on more important tasks, such as developing strategies and policies.


AI is also used to develop predictive models that can help policymakers anticipate and avoid potential crises.


By analyzing past data, AI-based models can help identify early warning signs of economic recessions or social unrest.


This information can be used to develop policies that can mitigate the impact of these events.


In the future, AI will become even more indispensable in politics. As data collection and analysis become more sophisticated, AI will be able to provide politicians with even more insight into how the economy and society work.


AI will also help governments make better decisions by providing parliamentarians with a wider range of options to choose from.


For example, it can be used to generate a set of policy proposals that take into account the different preferences of various stakeholders.


Ultimately, these algorithms will become indispensable for politics. And there will also be a rush to have the best tools to use as consultants both in the election campaign and during government mandates.



AI used in politics

ArtiInc, Fero Labs, and KlearNow Corp, to name a few. They are companies that are investing everything in artificial intelligence as a consulting tool for companies and governments.


This was revealed by Reuters. With these cutting-edge tools, manufacturers and their customers can react more quickly to the pitfalls of suppliers, monitoring the availability of raw materials and overcoming the bureaucratic process of cross-border trade.


According to analysts, the market for new technology services focused on supply chains could be worth more than $20 billion annually over the next five years.


According to Gartner, more than 80% of new supply chain applications will rely on artificial intelligence and data science in some way by 2025.


“The world has gotten too complex to try and manage some of this stuff on spreadsheets,” said Dwight Klappich, analyst at Gartner.


To give you an example, Interos (now valued at over $1 billion in its latest funding round) is one of the most successful companies in this sector.


Interos is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and has mapped 400 million companies around the world. It helps companies monitor their data from a remote location and automatically alerts them if fire, flood, hacking or any other incident could cause a potential outage.


This is to make you understand how much private individuals are investing in these types of services.


We certainly don’t expect to avoid the next crisis. But companies hope to be far more efficient and effective than their competitors in how they assess risk when problems come.



AI used in politics

How AI can help shape central government policies and locals?


In the past, it was necessary to manually collect a significant amount of data to make informed decisions. It was a time-consuming process.

Data of an urban, historical, economic nature relate them with the laws and with the proposals of electoral committees and citizens and those of individual politicians.

All this today could be synthesized by an algorithm.

Here, for example, said Dr. Kai-fu Lee, president and CEO of Sinovation Ventures:

“In the future, AI will become increasingly indispensable for politics. As data collection and analysis becomes more sophisticated, AI will be able to provide policymakers with an even deeper insight into how the economy and society work.”

Olivier Oger, co-founder and CEO of Fero Labs, instead thinks that:

“AI will help governments make better decisions by giving MPs a wider range of options to choose from.”

Dwight Klappich, analyst Gartner, finally believes that:

“These algorithms will become indispensable for politics. There will also be a race to have the best tools to use as consultants both in the election campaign and during the government mandate.”

So to summarize:

– Database analysis speed

– Clearer views of situations

– Ability to formulate more hypotheses

– More in-depth proposals


Meanwhile, some experts are already using AI for predictive purposes.

This is the case of Matthew Woollard, CEO and founder of Premonition, who uses machine learning to predict which court cases will be decided in favor of the prosecution or the defendant.

The company has an 80% success rate.

Dr. Kai-fu Lee, believes that:

“Artificial intelligence can help us predict social unrest or financial bubbles before they happen.”

Premonition is just one example of how AI services are used to make predictions. In the future, we can expect more and more companies to use AI for similar purposes.

Fero Labs is another example. The startup uses artificial intelligence to predict consumer behavior. This allows companies to better understand what their customers want and need.

So think about it: if private companies can no longer do without this technology today, how can politics do without it.

The most important decisions for a state and a community are those made by governments. Because they affect and influence the lives of all of us.

The choices of a state have direct consequences on citizens.

They can be good or bad for a large portion of the population.

Therefore it is assumed that politics will also have to start using them. I believe that controversy will break out when it is known that the first political figures have algorithms as consultants.

There will probably be those who think that AI is not emotional and therefore could harm citizens. Well, that’s hard to answer. The fact is that humans will always be the ones to decide.

Kind of like Tesla’s cars today: they have automatic driving that works pretty well. But the driver must remain awake and alert with his eyes on the road. It is always depends on the driver to maintain functioning of the car, otherwise it would crash after a few curves or crossings.

It will be the same for governments and politics, at least for the first few years when AI is still rudimentary.

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