AI won't steal jobs but it will help businesses grow. 5 tips for earning money with your work: so man remains at the center of this revolution


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From a historical moment onwards, to make a company grow it was necessary to invest in advertising. It seemed like a waste of money, but it was a way to survive and make a profit. Then there was the invention of automatic machines, which partially replaced humans, up to robots, and before the arrival of the internet.


  Today is the era of artificial intelligence that has surpassed robots. It will be central to the growth of companies and business. Without it, factories and businesses will no longer be able to compete.


  Likewise, researchers calculate that new possibilities will open up for more and more jobs. This is the cyclical process that is created with all the new technologies that replace trades.


However, these new jobs will require different skills than those needed in the past. To earn money on the job in the AI age, you will need to be adaptable and willing to learn new skills.


  Let’s start from the beginning. In the meantime, I want to explain to you how AI will help the growth of the business process. Then I’ll explain to you how man can still remain at the center of this Copernican revolution.



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Much of the public debate on artificial intelligence has been driven by fear. The rise of the machines, they say, will lead to mass unemployment and a future where we will all be slaves to our robotic overlords.


It’s just scaremongering. History has taught us this with other technological innovations. Let’s think about the internet and the computer… all of this did not happen.


It is also true that these fears are not entirely unfounded. Because AI will lead to the disappearance of some jobs.


“But it is also true, as in previous technological revolutions, new opportunities will be created.”

AI will help businesses grow in three main ways:

1) Automation of repetitive tasks

2) Improved decision making

3) New products and services

Automation of repetitive tasks

 One of the most immediate applications of AI will be repetitive task automation. This is already happening in many industries such as manufacturing, where robots are increasingly used to carry out simple tasks such as welding and fabrication.


 In the future, AI will allow us to automate an even wider range of tasks. For example, machine learning algorithms can be used to automatically read and interpret documents such as contracts and medical records.


“This will free up time for employees to focus on more creative and strategic tasks. It will also make it possible for companies to operate with leaner staffing levels.”


Improved decision making

AI will also help companies improve their decision making processes. This is because machines are not subject to the same prejudices as humans. They can process large amounts of data quickly and objectively.

  For example, AI can be used to identify customer behavior patterns. This information can then be used to make pricing decisions, product development, and marketing.


AI can also be used to improve the accuracy of financial forecasts. This has already been done by some companies, which are using machine learning algorithms to predict future trends in the stock market.


New products and services

Finally, AI will enable companies to create entirely new products and services. For example, Google’s DeepMind division is developing an AI system that can read X-rays. This could lead to the creation of new diagnostic tools for doctors.

  Similarly, Amazon’s Alexa is being used to develop a new generation of smart home devices. And Tesla is using AI to develop autonomous vehicles.


A.I. production line

Some professionals are disappearing due to these changes , but in a few years there will be emerging professions that do not exist today.


“The importance of Higher Technical Institutes in this scenario becomes fundamental.”


Thanks to their ability to adapt their educational programs and to be close to the world of production, they will increasingly represent the answer to the needs of business innovation and technology transfer.


With the right skills and knowledge, you can make sure you are a part of this change, not a victim of it.


Here are five tips for making money from the AI revolution:


1) Learn to code


If you want to get involved in developing AI applications, then you need to know how to code. Coding is the language of machines. And if you can speak their language, then you will be able to create programs that can do amazing things.


2) Finding a job in data science



Data is the lifeblood of AI. Without data, machines would not be able to learn and improve. That’s why companies are willing to pay good money for talented data analysts.

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3) Investing in AI stocks


If you are not ready to get your hands dirty with code or data, then you can still make money from the AI revolution by investing in AI stocks.


“Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and IBM are all important players in the world of AI.”


And their stock prices are likely to continue to rise as they invest more in this technology.


4) Develop your own AI software


If you have coding skills and a good understanding of machine learning, then you could develop your own AI software. This could be anything from a simple chatbot to complex software predictive analytics.


5) Create an AI-based business


If you are really ambitious, then you could create an entire AI-based business. This is something that many startups are already doing. And with the right idea, you could make a lot of money.


 So there you have it: five tips for making money with the AI revolution. With the right skills and knowledge, you can make sure you are a part of this change, not a victim of it.


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