AI Is Replacing Man-made Craftsmanship. Thanks To 3 Innovations, Production Is Improving


Ai Is Replacing Man-made Craftsmanship

There is no match: artificial intelligence beats the hands of the craftsman. Speed, precision, quality: these are all characteristics that are making products made better with some innovations introduced in the world of industry.


Among these is plasma cutting. It is a process used to cut steel and other metals using a plasma torch. Combined with a robot arm and AI it has become infallible, and replaces many people involved in this operation.


Over time, we can use artificial intelligence to leverage uptime, work on the quality and consistency of finished products. The latter in particular is considered a determining factor on the production process.


So as there are innovations to be brought to companies where products are built from raw materials, AI and robots excel and are essential to having perfect merchandise.


If you were an entrepreneur I am convinced that you would be happy with this result.


For example, if you build chairs and these are produced in less time, without burrs, and well assembled, you would have no doubts as to who to choose between workers and machines.


I have repeatedly shown with studies that all the places we lose with the arrival of robots will be absorbed by new jobs. Different, often less tiring and fatiguing, but there will be new jobs.


And then let’s get to the heart of these innovations introduced in our companies of the future.




What is the 3D printer I imagine you will know. You will have seen some videos where layer by layer an object is built starting from a drawing.


It works the opposite of how objects were once made. Like a chair. The carpenter made the stems and other parts from a tree nut. And gradually he removed materials.


With the 3D printer it’s the other way around. It is created by adding material one layer at a time.


It was a revolution in the manufacturing sector. And it has brought a lot of benefits. There is no longer the worker who removes from the block of marble, or from iron or aluminum to make an object. But there is a robot that leaks material.


The benefits are:


1 Reduced time


3D printing reduces the cycle time from the design to production phase:


“Designers develop their ideas using CAD software. In other words, just a few days and then the tests begin immediately and then, if necessary, the production “.


2 Cost savings


Think Ford’s assembly line. It was studied from time to time for each vehicle.


That is, if 5 years later a car manufacturer decides to go out with a new car, it will have to study a new assembly line.


Manufacturing new tools to replace deteriorated ones involves a waste of production time. Therefore, faster tool replacement can mean a significant cost reduction.


3D printing disrupts this process. Tools for crafting different items can be replaced in hours rather than days. And today’s high-strength plastics are strong, lightweight, and far less expensive.

3 Reduction of waste


Yes there is it is also a greater respect for the environment. First, scraps of wood, iron or marble must be thrown away or recycled (not always).


So further waste of money and time.


The 3D printing process eliminates much of these cleaning tasks, which saves time and reduces waste.


4 Custom Pieces to Improve People’s Life


Imagine who needs artificial limbs to replace human body parts. To be effective, each product must adapt to the specifics of each patient.


“3D printing revolutionizes the design and construction process of artificial limbs because it makes it totally customizable”.


Famous is the case study on the 3D printed exoskeleton that has equipped a little girl with magical arms.


5 Weight savings


There is the example of companies in the aerospace sector: always looking for solutions to reduce the weight of airplanes.


3D printing is the perfect solution for building such challenging parts while ensuring the strength and integrity of the aircraft.




I think I have amply demonstrated how this technology strongly replaces many workers who did these jobs by hand. There are many and too many advantages for everyone, even for customers.




You will probably have forgotten a task during your work. Or to make some mistakes even if you didn’t want to.


There’s nothing bad. I think it happened to anyone. We are humans and not robots.


“But here is that artificial intelligence can make a real difference here: thanks to artificial vision”.


Machine vision frameworks allow manufacturers to computerize quality control processes in both the previous and next parts of production lines.


It has extreme accuracy in the recognition of gross errors. And so the whole system flows faster and without interruptions Or merchandise that is then thrown away by mistake that a human being could do.

Ai Is Replacing Man-made Craftsmanship



Mechanical arms called robots and other equipments like this are already active in many industrial sectors.


But they can be even more efficient thanks to software that controls everything and improves its capacity.


I’m talking about the artificial intelligence algorithms that power robots.


Artificial intelligence shouldn’t just be used as a means of optimizing processes that have long been automated.


The real potential is to do something completely new with technology.


“Activities previously performed by humans or physical machines can now be performed by robots powered by software controlled by artificial intelligence.”


This increases the flexibility and traceability of the robots, reliability and enables a more successful operation on the market.


This is the super news.


I want to give you a fictional example that can help you understand. It is a simple example. Think about the washing machine you have at home.


Now let’s fantasize a bit. Even if what I’m about to say maybe in the future it could become reality.


Imagine that the washing machine is able to recognize the color of the clothes you put inside. Assess how dirty they are. And she could take the soap herself and decide the degrees of the water based on the fabric that she can recognize by herself.


Here: you would save time. The washing machine would be very accurate better than how your grandmother or mother washed your clothes.


All this thanks to an algorithm – which makes decisions and evaluates – installed in the small computer of that appliance.


Also in this case there would be less of our intervention. And more space for AI with extraordinary results.


If we project this small example into our industrial and manufacturing system, I can already tell you that there will be major upheavals to our advantage and that of the entrepreneurs.


A market that is more responsive to user requests, more efficient and without waste. The ultimate in doing business


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