A Study By The Center For Biological Diversity Indicts Pesticides Are Killing Animals Living Underground And Devastating The Planet


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Finally, we have some proof. We may not see it, but a silent extermination is underway.


Pesticides don’t just make bees and birds sick; they also kill animals that live underground.


We tend to not pay much attention to it as we believe that people have good intentions, however, they are destroying the underground ecosystem to obtain big profits with their agricultural companies.


Earthworms and other insects are butchered by the chemicals used, like pesticides.


We are talking about dissolved chemicals in the farmlands. They are used to fight harmful organisms from infesting plants or to repel mites.


Follow me!


This is a very important issue. Those little animals are there for a reason, like all living things on this Earth. Do you agree?


So, we can’t just keep killing them in bulk.


If we damage them, we are also damaging the nature in which we are living, thus, damaging ourselves.


This information isn’t just told by me. I’m almost a millionaire Italian entrepreneur and I have experience in many sectors but for this kind of stuff I rely on experts.


Make yourself a good cup of coffee, which pairs perfectly with such an interesting read, and continue to follow along while you enjoy a hot cup of coffee.


What do the experts say? Fuck, they are telling you that man is making a big mess out there, in nature.


“There is scientific research that has been published in the journal Frontiers in Environmental Science. It’s called Pesticides and soil invertebrates: a hazard assessment.”


It was created by a team of scientists led by the Portland Center for Biological Diversity in the US.




One of the study’s authors is Nathan Donley. This is what he explained:


“The damage level we are seeing is much higher than I thought.”


The researchers studied more than 275 insect species and 284 types of pesticides (the legal ones).


They searched mortality rates, monitored the organisms behaviors, reproduction and biochemical changes.


Exactly 71% of the tested parameters showed negative effects on pesticide exposure.


Did you catch that? The majority of those creatures were screwed, they either died, or were unable to reproduce, or had consequences that were certainly not good.


You may think that those little worms or critters are ugly and dirty as they are underground and we usually don’t give a damn about them.


But trust the experts: they are vitally important to nature.

earthworm killing from pesticides

Scientists from the Portland Center for Biological Diversity have also picked up 400 scientific articles discussing pesticides and their effects on insects.


Scientists have called these insects “heroes” that live underground.


There’s a reason they called them that. They told us the reason, and we hope that it will make you stop and think as we did.


Here is what Donley said: “Beetles have a huge impact on soil porosity but are constantly hit.”


Professor Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex was interviewed by the Guardian. He wasn’t part of the study, but he said this about the research:


“The results of the harmful effects on soil organisms due to the majority of pesticides tested are alarming.”




This means that something needs to change immediately, or we’re in a bind.


Scientists insist on three more things:


– “Earthworms are suffering from the reckless use of pesticides.”


– “The majority of bees make their nests in the soil, which makes them further exposed to pesticide damage.”


– It is important to have fertile soils for agriculture, but the pesticides we are using are damaging the soil and also animals’ fertility that live there.”




Since I predict that someone will say: “Well if there are not many polluted lands, it’s not a big deal.”


No my dear. It’s a big deal.


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So here’s some more terrible data that should make you jump off of the sofa where you are probably reading this article or maybe from the subway seat.


Who knows if the public park, your favorite place to go for a walk or a run, isn’t already polluted? Or the green field in front of your house?


It’s true that there is no agriculture in that field or park, but not far away from here, there is. Let me tell you, the groundwater drains the chemicals to there.


Here are the data published in Nature Geoscience this year:


– The University of Sydney has mapped the presence of 92 chemicals (which are often in pesticides) in 168 states where the research was conducted.


– They found that 64% of the world’s agricultural fields are at risk of pesticide pollution, and one-third of these areas are at high risk.


And there’s more bad news. I’m baffled…

farm fields

Fiona Tang who wrote the article in Nature explained it:


“Globally, our research shows that 34% of high-risk areas are in regions with high biodiversity.”


It seems that man really wants to harm himself, or harm his children and the next generations.


Because let’s face the truth: the impact on the environment is devastating.


We know that the products used in agriculture and gardening also have a negative impact on the underground “heroes”.


Tiny creatures such as earthworms, springtails, millipedes and beetles have no way out.


Continue reading because now I will tell you the most important part. There is a prank besides the damage.


At least that’s what I think. During my life as an entrepreneur I have often found myself in situations where I had to look for solutions to small and large problems.


Now I’ll tell you what the experts explain and what can be done to tackle this pesticide problem.


According to the researchers, an improvement in pesticide authorization procedures is needed.


They should only authorize the less dangerous ones.


Avoiding those that contain destructive chemicals that kill our “heroes” of the environment.


Otherwise it will take thousands of years to completely “restore” our farmlands.


What we run into is a really big mess.


But I would like to add an idea. Something that concerns us all, even you who are reading.




We all know that pesticides are used mainly for one reason.


If you use pesticides, crops grow faster, you get the products faster and they are larger.


Then you sell them at the market and people like them more.


And above all, farmers manage to keep up with market demands, even for out-of-season requests.


I think all of this is bullshit given the data on food waste every year.


In 2019, 931 million tons of food, or 17% of the available food in the world, was thrown into the trash.


This data is from the UN Environment Program, released by the Food Waste Index Report of 2021.


Now, I will explain this in other words. It’s like taking 23 million trucks with 40 tons of food each and throwing them into the trash.


Roughly 61% of this waste is done in our homes. Maybe you too are contributing to the waste? Maybe you threw out some leftovers yesterday? And the day before yesterday?

Whether it is large or small, it’s still waste. In addition to the environmental damage I have shown you, 26% of the food thrown away concerns catering and 13% concerns markets, supermarkets and grocery stores.


Why did I explain all of this to you? For a very specific reason.


I’ll give you an example.

It’s like driving a car with a fuel leak. You lose gasoline on the street while driving, in many small droplets that you leave along the way.


The daily waste is not that big, but the yearly waste is impressive. Aren’t you going to fix that hole in the tank?


I think you are, and quickly too.


The same thing needs to be done in agriculture and with our habits, ’cause they need to be fixed.


There is no point in chasing market food demands, if the result is a huge amount of food thrown away.


The agricultural sector must slow down a bit, use fewer pesticides, and allow the poor little animals underground to breathe. Our heroes.

People must learn not to throw food into the trash, unless it’s rotten.

I’m done with it.

If you want to continue gettin’ excited and stay informed about original things….

Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite


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