At just 20 years old, a Russian founded the most important cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. But do you think crypto is a waste of energy


Vitalik Buterin founded most important cryptocurrency

It’s thanks to his father Dmitry, an engineer and computer scientist, that Vitalik Buterin knew in 2011 of the existence of the distributed ledger, born three years earlier at the same time as Bitcoin. He got so hooked on the subject and started writing articles for a specialized online magazine, and then he decided to invent his own cryptocurrency: Ethereum.

Crypto that I am pretty sure you will know: it is among the most important of the hundreds out there.

So today I’m going to tell you about how a young Russian immigrant living in Canada, Vitálik, turned his passion into something exciting and sensational.

He also made millions with Bitcoins. Just think that when he wrote articles he was paid something like 5 Bitcoins per article (at the time it was about 4 dollars, today it would be 200 thousand).

This boy’s journey has been extraordinary. He managed to do it despite his young age. And at one point he wanted to divulge his knowledge but no one listened to him.

But slowly he made his way and I want to explain how he did it. Especially at the end, I will reveal to you the kind of mentality Vitàlik used to conquer the title Star of Cryptocurrencies.


Vitálik was a brilliant student, excelling in both school and college. Buterin was a bit of an outsider and a nerd in his teens.

He spent a lot of time reading about philosophy, mathematics, and programming. He was also interested in economics but says he was never very good at it.

Passionate about technology from an early age, he started playing with computers when he was only six years old.

In an interview with Business Insider, he said, “I’ve always been interested in learning how things work. How do people interact? How do they communicate? This kind of thing.”

He’s become a real expert in this industry. Not immediately, however … he gradually won over his audience of listeners and interested in this developing sector.

After high school, he worked as a researcher at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab and then as a reporter for Bitcoin Weekly.

He started writing about cryptocurrencies when he was just a teenager, which made him one of the most prominent blockchain tech experts at such a young age.

In 2011, Vitálik discovered Bitcoin and was fascinated by it. With his passion for cryptography and programming, he began writing articles about the blockchain and its inner workings.

Buterin soon became frustrated with Bitcoin and decided to create his own cryptocurrency.


Vitalik Buterin

It wasn’t until 2013 that Vitálik would make his most important contribution to the world of cryptocurrencies: the development of Ethereum.


Ethereum differed from other cryptocurrencies in several ways. For example, it wasn’t intended as a mere store of value like gold or Bitcoin, but it actually had real-world applications thanks to its smart contract functionality.


This made Ethereum incredibly popular, and Vitalik rode this wave of success to the top.


In 2017, Ethereum was worth more than $100 billion, and Vitalik’s net worth soared into the billions.


Despite his success, however, Vitàlik has never forgotten his roots nor has he let his wealth go to his head. He remained an ardent promoter of blockchain technology.


A result that came after years of hard work and dedication. Vitálik has finally realized his dream: to found his own cryptocurrency.


This revolutionary new cryptocurrency platform is now widely regarded as the second most important after Bitcoin itself, thanks to its innovative capabilities.




As I wrote, he has always been interested in technology and programming. He spent his teenage years as a computer whiz, building websites and dabbling in various coding languages.

Through his blogs and articles on cryptography, Vitálik has become known as one of the leading experts in blockchain technology.


Eventually, Vitálik’s knowledge and experience led him to co-found Bitcoin Magazine, one of the first publications dedicated to cryptocurrency news and analysis.



Vitalik Buterin

Despite his immense wealth, Vitálik remains committed to a life of public service and helping others.


He used his resources to launch the Ethereum Foundation, an organization that promotes education about blockchain technology, supports research into future application development for Ethereum, and funds projects that help grow the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.


Vitálik also sits on the board of directors of several other major organizations, including OmiseGO, Cosmos Network, and Singapore’s cryptocurrency KyberNetwork.


In this way, Vitálik continues to be a shining example of what it means to be successful: not out of greed or ruthlessness, but by dedicating his life to improving society and working hard to make the world a better place.


At the age of 28, Vitálik is one of the richest people in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its net worth is estimated in the billions, thanks to its holdings in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.




If there is one thing we can learn from Vitálik’s story, it is that knowledge is power.


Vitálik’s success is largely due to his broad understanding of blockchain technology and cryptography.


If he hadn’t dedicated his life to learning these things, he would never have been able to create Ethereum or be as successful as it is today.


So, if you are looking to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, be sure to do your research first. The more you know about blockchain technology and how it works, the better prepared you will be to make wise investment choices.


And more generally for any project you intend to start, the best way is to have a thorough understanding of that subject.




– Look for books by experts or professors who spread that topic


– Watch videos on the net, but check that the speaker is an authoritative source


– Read blogs and in-depth articles that come out in magazines


– If you can, go for one or more consultations with those who already deal with that subject


When you have spent a few months seriously studying what you want to develop, you can do it with greater knowledge of the facts.


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