100% Clean Energy Already Exists. An Australian Company Has Discovered An Easy Way To Produce It That No One Had Ever Thought Of


100% Clean Energy Already Exists

The balance of one year of activity of the Wave Swell Energy experimental plant, located in Australia, shows that the Uniwave system works. It uses wave motion in an original way to produce clean energy and has no impact on the environment.


The energy produced was sufficient to cover the energy needs of 1000 Australian households.


Wave Swell Energy claims its experimental power plant could be replicated on a large scale in the future. This would mean that, in the near future, clean energy produced by wave motion could become an important energy source worldwide.


With this innovative system, we can finally say that 100% clean energy already exists and is working well.


Because WSEnergy has discovered a simple way to produce clean energy without impact on the environment.


The innovative and groundbreaking facility is located on King’s Island, in the Bass Strait that separates Australia from Tasmania.


Part of the energy of that island today comes from the sea.



100% Clean Energy Already Exists

The platform launched by the company was called UniWave200.


Here it uses the principle of the oscillating water column to generate electricity from the passage of waves, which has been shown to work beyond project expectations.


There is a reason: they made a modification to the system that is commonly used to exploit the strength of the waves.


The WSE plant uses a one-way turbine to generate electricity.


The platform contains a concrete chamber with a mouth from which the sea water enters. The wave movement creates a column of water inside the chamber that increases in volume when the wave rises and decreases when the wave goes down.


In reality, what is exploited is not the motion of the water, but the motion of the air that this rising and falling water creates inside the concrete chamber.


Through a vent, the air moves through an outlet valve which is the kinetic energy, from which it is converted into electrical energy with a turbine.


So where is the stroke of genius of Australian society?


In traditional systems of this type, the air blows outwards as the water column rises, and is sucked in when the water level drops.


A phenomenon that usually involves a problem: the turbine must reverse the direction of rotation when the direction of the air flow changes, but this causes various energy inefficiencies and complicates the operation of the turbine itself.


In the UniWave project, the turbine only turns in one direction, when the air is sucked into the chamber as the water column descends, the arriving wave, expells air through a powerful vacuum, without activating the turbine.


They have managed to solve the inefficiencies simply with an extra hole in the chamber that opens when the downward depression is created.


A system very similar to that which occurs in the combustion chambers of two-stroke engines, as the exhaust valve opens when the exhaust gases have to go out, while it remains closed when the fuel has to go into compression in the combustion chamber.


That’s not the only advantage though.


The platform is fixed, so it is not affected by the effects of the wave movement which would lead to a decrease in usable energy. There are no mechanical parts in contact with salt water which would create maintenance problems.


In short, a truly intelligent and innovative plant for technology and renewable energy.



100% Clean Energy Already Exists

The UniWave200 platform has a maximum power of 200 KWatt and in the course of 24 hours, in ideal “sea” conditions it can produce up to 1 MWh of clean energy.


WSE is therefore convinced that it has found a way to obtain an overall efficiency of conversion of wave energy into electrical energy equal to 48%:


“Our team is thrilled to have been able to achieve a level of conversion of the power of the wave in electricity at an average of between 45 and 50% over a wide range of wave conditions,” said WSE CEO Paul Geason.


“This represents a vast improvement over the plants of the past and shows that the time has come for the power of the wave to stand on the same footing with wind, solar, and storage as part of a modern energy mix.”


Despite this, the technology is practically impossible to apply anywhere: it depends on the height of the wave, the time period, and the size of the room, all of which must be carefully considered.


However, the success of this experiment opens up new perspectives in a world hungry for 100% clean energy.




100% Clean Energy Already Exists

Einstein said that sometimes the solution lies outside the framework of traditional thinking.


So, by taking the knowledge we already have about sustainable electricity production methods, we can achieve much more with revolutionary and simple ideas that slightly change what we already know.


This is the lesson that Wave Swell Energy gives us in this story. The story of an experimental plant that works 100% thanks to one more hole.


A story that teaches us not to stop at appearances even if something may seem obvious, it does not mean there is no room for important innovations.


The road to 100% clean energy is still long, but this innovation gives us hope to shorten the times we believe are still far away.


Some believe that we will find energy with nuclear fusion. A system that, goes beyond the nature of Earth. We replicate what happens in the sun and in the stars, nuclear fusion, however, is clean, unlike nuclear fission.


But that’s another story. Wave Swell Energy teaches us to trust and to think that everything can be revolutionized thanks to our ideas. The points of view before our eyes that we do not see at the moment.


There is no room for boredom in a world facing the challenges of 100% clean energy. This story is evidence that each of us can do something to change it. Only brilliant ideas are enough.


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